Palliative Care in Southern NSW

The Palliative Care Specialist Medical Outreach Program allows people in Southern NSW to receive specialist care in their home or local health centres.
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Palliative Care Specialist Medical Outreach Program, Southern NSW

Providing expert clinical consultancy and advice 

HammondCare and Southern NSW Local Health District are working together to provide specialist palliative care medical consultancy services. The aim is to further enhance the quality of existing palliative care services provided by GPs and specialist palliative care nurses in the region. 

HammondCare works with health professionals to share best practice palliative care knowledge to complement the Southern NSW Local Health District nurse-led palliative care services, enabling them to help the patients and families they’re working with. 

Advice is delivered by the HammondCare Palliative Care Staff Specialist via telehealth and face-to-face consultations, in addition to attendance at weekly multidisciplinary meetings. With regionally based local doctors working collaboratively with HammondCare to access expert knowledge, Southern NSW helps palliative patients achieve quality symptom control and end-of-life care.

How is support provided to patients? 

Experienced local teams undertake clinical assessments to optimise patient comfort and support through coordinated care by medical, nursing and allied health professionals. These experienced multi-disciplinary teams (MDT) work to support the patient’s physical, social and emotional needs during this time, ensuring the best quality care for patients diagnosed with a life-limiting illness and their families. 

The HammondCare Palliative Care Staff Specialist works with the local health team to provide advice and support through weekly attendance at MDT meetings. Generally, direct patient care and support are delivered by the local health professional who knows the patient best. However, in complex patient cases, the HammondCare practitioner will have direct patient contact.  

How does the service benefit the community? 

By health professionals having access to expert palliative care knowledge, they can deliver quality care to patients and their families diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. This support is coordinated in clinics and at homes across the Southern NSW Local Health District, achieving the key objective of the outreach program to support local clinicians managing patients with more complex pain and a high symptom burden.

Who is this service available to?

Currently, the service is available to healthcare professionals based in the Southern NSW Local Health District via MDT meetings, telehealth and face-to-face consultations.

What is the purpose and benefits of this care support?

The Palliative Care Specialist Medical Outreach Program is a partnership for HammondCare and the Southern NSW region to deliver best-practice palliative care to patients who live in the area.

Patients achieve good symptom management coordinated between their trusted health professional or GP in their local area, their local palliative care team, and the HammondCare Palliative Care Staff Specialist.

For more information, please call 1800 427 255