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Residential Care

HammondCare Daw Park

Repat Health Precinct
216 Daws Road
Daw Park SA 5041

Welcome to a compassionate dementia care village, purpose-built to provide a high level of aged care

The doors to our first aged care home in South Australia are now open at the Repat Health Precinct, which has been transformed into a contemporary health and wellbeing campus. 

HammondCare Daw Park has six home-like cottages specially designed for people living with dementia, with small household living for between 9 - 15 residents.

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A woman and a carer walk through the garden at HammondCare Daw Park, an aged care home in Adelaide.

See our small cottages, designed like home

Our leading design principles help people stay independent and make choices for themselves. There's easy access to gardens, a central kitchen you can recognise and use, and a mix of shared living areas and quiet comfortable spots to sit and relax.

About HammondCare Daw Park

 Our Daw Park cottages offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere with all the comforts of home, plus an onsite café, children’s playground, hairdresser, general store and older person’s exercise park. Our team provide 24/7 registered nurse-led care to help manage health, medication, and personal care needs.

Each cottage is thoughtfully designed to provide choice and independence, and includes:

  • large single ensuite rooms
  • a central open plan kitchen where the sights, sounds and aromas of fresh food encourage appetite and engagement in preparing meals
  • a mix of spacious communal living areas and private sitting spaces to give the choice to engage socially or have some quiet time
  • safe and easy access to the outdoors with shaded gardens to relax in and spend time with family and friends
  • hidden utility rooms and clinical features to enhance the home environment
  • dementia-friendly wayfinding features, thoughtfully designed to help residents navigate the cottage environment
  • social interactions through everyday activities.


Design flythrough


What does HammondCare Daw Park offer?

The warmth of home: All of HammondCare's homes offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere with all the comforts of home. They each have their own dining, lounge, and outdoor areas, with accessible courtyards and beautiful gardens.

Engagement with life: We offer residents the opportunity to take part in everyday activities which provide a sense of purpose and feeling involved. As well as daily activities, we provide opportunities for bus trips to beaches or national parks, visits from school students, and music and pet therapy.

A fresh food culture: High quality, varied, and delicious food is essential to everyone’s physical and emotional health. That’s why all our meals are freshly cooked on-site, and mealtimes are shared as an enjoyable social activity in the home.

Comprehensive support: At HammondCare, we aim to provide comprehensive support for each resident, their family, and carers, to help embrace physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs. We value understanding your wishes for care in the future and can provide information for you about how to communicate those wishes to your care team.

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Types of care at HammondCare Daw Park

Residential care

  • Our unique model of care is centred on truly getting to know each person and their family. We tailor care to residents’ individual background, likes and needs
  • We have more than 90 years’ experience in looking after those in need including more than 25 years’ expertise in caring for people living with dementia
  • Our homes are designed specifically for someone living with dementia, to maximise comfort and wellbeing, and make each day less stressful
  • As an independent Christian charity, compassion is ingrained in how we care

Specialist dementia care program

HammondCare is proud to provide support for those that others can't or won't. The Specialist Dementia Care Program (SDCP) provides individualised care for people who are experiencing severe BPSD and are unable to be adequately cared for in a standard residential aged care setting.

The SDCP offers temporary, transitional care to stabilise and reduce a person’s behavioural symptoms with the aim of enabling them to transition to a less intensive care setting.

This program requires referral and needs-based assessment delivered by Dementia Support Australia. To learn more about eligibility and how to access visit;

Costs and payment options

We provide the highest possible quality of care to all people with an assessed need, regardless of their financial circumstances. This means that your financial situation will not affect finding a place at HammondCare.

There are three ways you can pay for residential accommodation and care. We can help you understand your options and find an arrangement that suits your individual circumstances.

Option 1: Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD)
This is a lump-sum payment with a refundable balance upon exit.

The maximum RAD for Daw Park is $650,000.
Option 2: Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP)
This is a daily payment that is non-refundable.

The maximum DAP for HammondCare Daw Park is $149.23.
Option 3: RAD + DAP Combined
This is a combination payment that is made up of part refundable accommodation deposit, and part daily accommodation payment. You can pay any RAD + DAP combination you wish.
An example of RAD + DAP combinations for Daw Park is:
A RAD of $420,000 and a DAP of $52.80.

In this case, you can deduct the daily payment (DAP) from the lump sum payment (RAD).

HammondCare Assurance
Residents who choose to pay for their accommodation by a RAD + DAP combination may also determine to have any DAP and/or Personalised Services Fee withdrawn from the RAD.
You may have concerns that the RAD amount will, over time, be consumed by these deductions. However, HammondCare ensures that at least 65% of the RAD paid will be returned to residents:
  • Whose income and assets assessment by Centrelink/DVA indicates that the RAD they have paid is the maximum that they are able to pay.
  • Who have paid a RAD that is equal to or higher than the HammondCare example RAD + DAP combination for that specific care home
Those who do not agree to have any regular deductions from the RAD will receive the full deposit when they leave the care home.
Accommodation supplement
The Australian Government also pays an accommodation supplement for residents who are unable to contribute to the cost of their accommodation.
The Australian Government subsidises the cost of care.

Residents are asked to contribute in the following ways:

Basic Daily Fee

A Basic Daily Fee goes towards day-to-day living expenses such as meals, cleaning and laundry. The standard Basic Daily Fee is 85% of the single pension, or $61.96 per day.

Means-Tested Care Fee

If a resident’s income and assets exceed thresholds set by the Australian Government, a Means-Tested Care fee will need to be paid, which contributes to the cost of clinical care.

Personalised services

To provide comfort and satisfaction, all HammondCare residential sites have access to a number of high-quality services and features. At Daw Park from just $31, Personalised Services are provided in addition to the provision of standard care and services.

So what will the total cost be?

Specific care costs will depend on several factors, including your particular circumstances and care needs. To find the best option for your needs, contact our Admissions Team for a friendly chat on 1800 776 112.


To make things clearer, here are some examples of how accommodation and care costs might interact in individual cases.

Mary is a full pensioner who was renting a house. When she was assessed by the Australian Government as eligible for residential care, she moved into a low care, dementia-specific home at HammondCare. Because she did not have significant income or assets, Mary receives the government’s accommodation supplement and she does not have to pay the means-tested care fee. She will use her pension income to pay the Basic Daily Fee.

Bill is a retired welder who lives in his own home. When he discovered he needed residential care, he sold his house for $420,000 and moved into HammondCare. The home's maximum accommodation price is $550,000 and he chose to pay a combined $360,000 refundable deposit and a $43.62 daily accommodation payment (based on the outstanding amount of $190,000). He also pays a means-tested care fee of around $10/day and Personalised Services fee which is debited from his savings. He also pays the Basic Daily Fee out of his pension.

Jane is a retired accountant. Before she moved into a 15-person cottage at HammondCare, she lived in her own home that was worth $900,000. She paid the full refundable deposit of $830,000 and so did not have to make any daily accommodation payments. She now pays a means-tested care fee based on her assets and her investment income. She also pays the Basic Daily Fee and Personalised Service Fee out of her investment income.

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COVID-19 guidelines

HammondCare puts residents' health and wellbeing first. As we learn to live with the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to follow the directives and guidelines of the Australian and State Governments.

Click here to see the latest COVID-19 information and updates.

  • Staff and visitor screening
  • Training in, and enhanced use of, appropriate PPE and infection control measures
  • Monitoring and auditing of infection control practices by the QSR team
  • Reduced movement of staff between services and between cottages at each service
  • Enhanced cleaning processes, especially in high-touch areas
  • Increased precautionary testing of staff
  • Offering on-site vaccination clinics to residents and staff
  • Developing clear escalation and decision-making processes that promote safety and encompass a compassionate approach
  • Implementing measures to safely enable ongoing engagement and visits for residents, their family and loved ones

HammondCare’s Partnering In Care Program is a special education program for the loved ones of residents. The program is designed to equip family and friends with care principles to enable a partnered approach to caring for each resident. 

The course content has recently been updated to reflect current COVID-19 visitor information and visiting a residential home, infection control and some other information to assist family and loved ones at this time.