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Why HammondCare?

Every day, we serve to improve quality of life for people in need and set the global standard of relationship-based care.

Why HammondCare?

Every day, we serve to improve quality of life for people in need and set the global standard of relationship-based care.

We champion life, because every person matters

HammondCare is passionate about improving quality of life for people in need with a special commitment to dementia care, palliative care and innovative research. 

Motivated by mission — not profit or accolades — we strongly believe in the intrinsic value of every person that we care for. We see and respect the whole person, not just their illness or care needs. This belief compels us to always put residents, clients and patients at the heart of what we do and continuously improve the care and services we offer. At HammondCare, we champion life. 

Our Mission in Action

‘We serve people with complex health or aged care needs, regardless of their circumstances.’


How we serve others

We have a deep history of supporting people in need, and it’s the way in which we serve others that sets us apart.

  • Enabling equity, access and choice
  • Partnering with family and friends
  • Nurturing the whole person
  • Engaging with community

Our identity



We’re often asked what ‘denomination’ we’re a part of. But we’re not linked to a specific denomination or church — instead, we work with all denominations and partners of many kinds. This enables us to respond to identified needs, wherever they may be. Our independence means that rather than following others, we are positioned to lead.



We serve people of all faiths and none. Our work is motivated by the Christian values expressed in the words and deeds of Jesus Christ.

“... whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40

These ancient words call us to show the same love, compassion and respect for all people in need, without discrimination, regardless of background or circumstances.



As a charity, we have always been motivated by values and purpose rather than profit. But that doesn’t mean we’re careless with resources. Instead, we’re responsible stewards for the public benefit. It’s our mission and privilege to understand and address needs, and we continue to take necessary risks to help those in need.


Champions of life

We seek to challenge approaches to care that lose sight of the person in need. Instead, we aim to empower the people we serve, so they may live a fulfilling life until the very end. We walk side by side with residents, clients and patients, and shape care and support to their unique needs — whatever they are, wherever they are.

Our story

Watch some of the heartwarming stories that show the courage and dignity of the people we serve, along with the passion and commitment of our teams.

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Our approach to voluntary assisted dying (VAD)

Under laws enacted now in all states of Australia, voluntary assisted dying (VAD) enables an eligible person to ask for medical assistance to help end their life because they are in the late stages of an advanced disease or illness, and feel they have ‘intolerable suffering’. We consider every person – to the very last day of their life – to be precious. They should have access to appropriate palliative care regardless of location or circumstance, so improved access and funding remain urgent priorities.

We recognise that VAD is a process, not a specific act, and that we may be caring for patients, residents, or clients at any time in this process.

We have put in place careful protocols and processes in relation to requests for VAD, and our team are trained in how to respond and will always do so with empathy and respect.

Our number one priority remains the people we care for and their well-being, with the provision of quality palliative care in a compassionate context our goal.

Because of these views, we have developed the following principles in relation to VAD: 

  • Human life is of intrinsic value - we support equal access to quality palliative care for all people with serious life limiting illnesses. 
  • We don't support VAD, including physician-assisted suicide, nor do we recognise these interventions as medical treatments. 
  • We'll always respond with compassion and care for residents, clients, and patients and respect their right to choose. 
  • We won't facilitate or participate in the delivery and/or management of the act of VAD but will continue to provide all other care for every resident, client and patient. 
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  • Residents, clients or patients in our care who choose to make use of this law will not be impeded in any way. 
  • We'll always support our team and their protected right to conscientiously object to participating in the voluntary assisted dying process. 
  • Our focus will remain on quality palliative care. 

Our plan for reconciliation

We acknowledge the valuable contribution of First Nations people to whom we’ll listen as we learn, building our understanding of history and culture. It is only by taking these first steps that we can deliver care that is culturally safe, inclusive and informed.


Our commitment to sustainability

At HammondCare, we want to ensure our organisation contributes to a better future for all. Sustainability is a natural extension of our Mission in Action, to serve and show Christ’s love by being wise with our resources. We have identified sustainability targets through 2025 with a strong commitment to building sustainability awareness.


Ending modern slavery

Many people may be surprised to learn that Modern Slavery is a real and important issue that requires focus in Australian communities and workplaces. HammondCare rejects any form of modern slavery and is committed to ensuring our operations and policies are aligned with identifying and managing modern slavery risks.

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Towards Next Chapter

After thorough review and consultation, we developed the Next Chapter Strategy that helps fulfil our Mission as we head toward 2025. Here is a snapshot of what we plan to achieve:

  • Relationship-based care for those others can’t or won’t help
  • Improving evidence-based care practices
  • Measuring our impact on peoples’ lives
  • Shaping the sector through stories of care