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Our research

Our researchers work closely with academics and other providers to grow the body of evidence that supports improvements to care and quality of life.

Our research

Our researchers work closely with academics and other providers to grow the body of evidence that supports improvements to care and quality of life.

Why we invest in research

As a service provider, HammondCare is uniquely positioned to translate research into practice. We conduct sustainable, actionable research that can be implemented in our aged and healthcare services and more broadly in the sector.

Our research blends expertise and passion, service delivery and rigorous inquiry. We aspire to build evidence that can both improve the quality of life for patients, and assist family, carers and staff to provide the best quality of care, while feeling supported in their role.

Why we invest in research

Our research focus areas

HammondCare research blends expertise, passion, service delivery and rigorous inquiry, with a focus on:

Dementia and complex dementia

Positioned at the intersection of research and operations within Australia’s largest provider of dementia-specific services, HammondCare provides a working model of ongoing research knowledge translation and implementation.

Palliative and end-of-life care

HammondCare’s Palliative Centre leads and collaborates in a broad range of research that aims to improve quality of life and wellbeing for people living with life-limiting illnesses and their families

Positive ageing

HammondCare leads or partners in a range of rehabilitation, restorative care and pain management research projects that contribute to positive ageing.

Clinical trials

HammondCare hosts clinical trials that investigate the effectiveness of new drug treatments for people living with early-moderate stage dementia and other related conditions.

International research

We have extensive collaborations with research organisations in Australia and around the world to deliver a broad international perspective on issues which affect the lives of people with dementia, their families and service delivery.

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Partnered research

HammondCare is supportive of partnered research that aligns with our Mission and helps us provide better care.

If you are interested in partnering with HammondCare for a grant submission or research project, we want to hear from you.



The HammondCare Foundation accepts donations to support many vital areas, including research.

Our research leadership

HammondCare’s lead researchers come from a wide variety of academic, clinical and service backgrounds and disciplines, and are actively increasing and informing the evidence base for our research focus areas.

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For research governance enquiries and information, please visit the Research Governance Office page.

For enquiries regarding research or to discuss the possibility of collaborating with HammondCare, please complete the form.