HammondCare Foundation Responding to COVID

Although nothing will ever replace a hug or a kiss, or the squeeze of a loving warm hand, we’re helping our patients use technology to re-establish visual connections with their families.

Braeside Hospital palliative care patient with a tablet gifted by HammondCare Foundation, as a nurse tends to her

For patients unfamiliar with the latest modes of ‘electronic chatting’ to help fill the void when family and friends can’t visit, COVID has been a lonely and isolating time. For patients in hospital not being able to spend time in person with loved ones, it is painful. For those at end-of-life, devastating.

You can’t read a face over the phone. That’s why for families separated by distance, compounded by lockdowns, seeing a loved one is so very important.

Responding to the needs of those for whom it is our privilege to serve, HammondCare Foundation has provided our hospitals with tablets. Staff have embraced the opportunity to set up ‘screen time’ for patients – keeping them connected with families during COVID.

Nurses in personal protective equipment, supporting a Braeside Hospital palliative care patient

This simple gesture has created such an enriching experience for our patients and their families.

One patient’s son told us: “We haven’t seen mum’s smile in months; seeing her this way has been fantastic.” 

Now our patients can see their loved ones – to catch up and, importantly, to say goodbye.

The amazing impact these tablets are making to our patients and their families has only been possible thanks to your empathy and generosity.

Thank you.

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