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Annual Report 2023

Best care, deepest needs

Annual Report 2023

Best care, deepest needs

For more than 90 years, we’ve made it our ambition to say yes, especially to those who need us most. That’s where we want to be – our greatest strengths for the deepest needs.

Highlights of the year

Chair report

As an independent Christian charity, we are strongly motivated to support those most in need.

HammondCare’s powerful commitment to Mission is underpinned by a well-run and financially sustainable business where our teams are supported to do their best every day.

Our financial sustainability has been challenged by the aftermath of the pandemic and severe workforce shortages, as well as unprecedented levels of reform. However, our commitment to good governance and management means we are already turning that financial corner. We continue to invest in people and systems to meet our regulatory requirements and exceed sector benchmarks, lifting quality ratings while reducing the incidence of risk.

We have progressed new projects, and we are looking ahead to new opportunities to serve the vulnerable. Please join me in continuing to pray for all who work and volunteer at HammondCare, and for the people we serve.


Kok Kong Chan

Board Chair, HammondCare

KKChan sig


Chief Executive Officer report

After describing FY22 as 'brutal and courageous', our team have asked if we're ready for some good news. And we are, but the need for courage as an organisation remains high.

I want to acknowledge the difficult work undertaken by many of our teams to restructure towards sustainability, while prioritising care for clients, residents and patients.

We should be in no doubt that passion for and investment in our Mission has never been greater. We’ve continued to grow and progress our Next Chapter Ambition to set the global standard for relationship-based care and increase our care for those that others can’t or won’t.

Looking forward, I believe our focus on quality care, working together, continually improving and meeting complex needs, has positioned us strongly for the future.

Mike Baird AO
Chief Executive Officer, HammondCare

Mike Sig


Year at a glance

Cared for
cared for
Dedicated staff
dedicated staff
Location 80x80
service locations
Supporter 80x80
Savings 80x80
social dividend

Next Chapter progress

Read about our Next Chapter 2025

Saying yes to complex care

We are determined to be especially available to those who have nowhere else to turn. This often requires developing unique expertise, or finding ways to fund care where it might otherwise be inaccessible. Such as providing home care support for older people with complex needs in regional and remote areas to allow them to stay at home, reinforced through commitments like opening a Lismore office.

Quality of care, quality of life

Our multidisciplinary palliative care in hospitals and homes is tailored for people with life-limiting illness in their last days, where highly skilled practitioners manage end-of-life symptoms to help provide quality of life to the last breath. In 2023 we launched the Last Days program, providing practical training in navigating death and dying for individuals caring for someone nearing end of life.

Setting the standard

Overlaid across all our services is our ambition to set the global standard of relationship-based care. Our cottage model of care, which began in 1995, helps empowered care-worker teams to support the same residents in a small household environment. Once considered outliers for our approach, it has since been backed by the Royal Commission and now in 2023 is Australian Government's preferred aged-care design model.

Read about our Next Chapter 2025

Our stories

Feeling just like home for team members too

When Specialist Dementia Carer Roshni couldn’t visit her family in Nepal due to lockdown restrictions, she sought solace in the care she provides for residents.

Read about devotion
Continuing to care while flood waters kept rising

Team member Gabriel was concerned about his clients and their safety as he hung onto the gutter of his home, waiting to be rescued. When an SES boat arrived, Gabriel requested they take their neighbours first.

Read about devotion
A model train brings back happy memories

As part of the Dementia Engagement Modelling Program delivered by Dementia Support Australia, consultant Kathleen approached the Sunshine Coast Model Railway Men’s Club to create a model railway of Nambour.

Read about devotion

Our stories

Rediscovering a passion: Kay's return to office life

Kay, who lives with dementia, loves chatting with the HammondCare Miranda team and other residents and keeping busy. But one day, Specialised Dementia Carer Nicole noticed that Kay appeared increasingly agitated and anxious. So, she tried something new.

Read about connection

When care means learning how to ‘bring back the joy’

After losing her husband of 68 years, Maureen moved to live with her son in Brisbane. The challenge now was to meet people in a new city, which wasn’t easy until care worker Margot decided it was time to ‘bring back the joy’ for this very active 89-year-old.

Read about community

An unlikely companion helps keep couple at home

Dementia Support Australia's (DSA) Staying at Home program was a beacon of hope for husband and wife Chris and Suzie, providing simple, practical advice on how to support a loved one with dementia to continue living at home for as long as possible.

Read about communication

Building a better future with dementia design schools

Australia’s aged care sector is on the cusp of a new era of design. The days of institutional settings – with confusing, identical corridors and vast chair-lined rooms – are officially over. And The Dementia Centre has played a pivotal role in informing and shaping design knowledge.

Read about leading

Margaret’s dream fulfilled: living life to the end

When Margaret received her cancer diagnosis, her first response was: ‘I’ve still got so much to do. I have to see The Tina Turner Musical.’ Thanks to HammondCare Foundation’s Dreams Project, Margaret got to see the show, supported by palliative care nurse Trish.

Read about teamwork

Sharing the sweet gift of joy

Retired carpenter Wayne and psychology student Olivia lead very different lives, but they share a common goal – bringing joy to others through the priceless investment of their time. And they have discovered the deep satisfaction that comes from giving back to your community.

Read about joy

When others can't or won't, HammondCare is there

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FY23 in numbers

Residential Care

With care homes across NSW, Victoria and coming soon to South Australia, we believe in creating a sense of belonging and of being at home, with a particular focus on dementia-specific care. 

Cared for 80x80   2,781 people cared for

ResCare 80x80   19 care homes

Location 80x80

   12 locations

MicrosoftTeams-image (28)   2,341 dedicated staff

HammondCare At Home

We offer home care in NSW, ACT, Victoria and Queensland. Our services enable clients to continue enjoying life in the comfort of their own homes, thanks to support from a consistent team of trained care workers.

Cared for 80x80   9,940 people cared for

HomeCare 80x80   656,614 home care visits

Location 80x80

   36 locations

MicrosoftTeams-image (28)   1,677 dedicated staff

The Dementia Centre

The Dementia Centre was founded by HammondCare in 1995 as an impartial resource and provider of research and expertise to the aged and dementia care community, connecting people in the field of dementia around the globe.

Cared for 80x80   19,278 cared for by DC & DSA

Location 80x80

   31 locations

MicrosoftTeams-image (28)   313 dedicated staff

Supporter 80x80   372,848 service activities

HammondCare Health

Our health services provide palliative and supportive care, rehabilitation, mental health care for older people, pain management and other vital support services.

Cared for 80x80   3,595 people cared for in hospital

Rehab 80x80  5,554 people supported in rehab and palliative care

Bed 80x80

  50,568 bed days

MicrosoftTeams-image (28)   609 dedicated staff

Community 80x80   39,765 community and outpatient occasions of care

Allied health 80x80   15,545 positive ageing visits by allied health


In 1932 HammondCare began supporting homeless people.
Now, Darlinghurst is our latest response to this pressing need.

Older person 80x80   17,000 older Australians experiencing homelessness 

Cared for 80x80   160+ older people supported at Darlinghurst since opening in 2020

Health improve 80x80

   100% residents who report improved health

Savings 80x80   $32,000 community savings per resident, per year  

Our research

In research, our commitment to the Model of Care continues to shape the sector in complex dementia, palliative and end-of-life care, and positive ageing. Our dedication to innovation led to new insights improving care practices.

Research 80x80   56 research projects

Publications 80x80   70 publications

Awards 80x80

  13 education and awards

Savings 80x80   7 new grants in 2022


From horror show to the best of homes

An inner-city boarding house was home to Kenny, 82, and his cat Willow for 12 years, until a change of management turned the once bearable and affordable accommodation into a ‘horror show’ that was increasingly dangerous.

Unable to support himself and at risk of being homeless, a referral to HammondCare Darlinghurst turned his world around.

The staff here have been so nice to me. They said you can bring your cat with you, and so Willow turned up, and she’s as good as gold.'

This relationship-based, trauma-informed care sets Darlinghurst apart – freedom, flexibility and independence complement high levels of complex care, delivered within a stable, comfortable and safe permanent home.

Residential Manager Chantel says high levels of care result in great health outcomes as well. ‘Residents put on weight when they come here and they attend medical appointments they would not have got to otherwise.

Research has confirmed a significant improvement in residents’ wellbeing and quality of life and a significant reduction in PTSD.

We’re now in the early stages of planning for a second home for older people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Learn more about our leadership in homelessness

Pastoral care

Caring when others won’t

Pastoral Care Manager Joanne showed what it is to live our Mission in Action, making sure Lily*, without family support, wouldn’t die alone.

Joanne welcomed Lily into the HammondCare family, finding out about her life – her interests and passions. A favourite pastime was walking in the garden, when they would share their joy of singing hymns. ‘My job is to treat people in our care with the dignity and respect they deserve,' shares Joanne.

As Lily was nearing the end of her life, Joanne asked the care team to keep her informed: ‘I didn’t want her to die alone. When I got the phone call, I ran from the other end of the care home to be with her.

'I held her hand and said, “I’m here for you. You’re not alone.” I read out scripture passages and sang one of her favourite songs, "Jesus Loves Me".' Lily died peacefully, knowing that someone who loved her was by her side.

Steve Calder, General Manager of Pastoral Care, shares, ‘Joanne’s selfless ability to get to the spiritual heart of each person is a great example of how best-practice spiritual care brings that sense of peace for residents and their families.’

*Name has been changed on request.


Our research

Courageous end-of-life care conversations: The Advance Project

Advance care planning gives the opportunity to detail end-of-life preferences about future medical care and treatment preferences. Dementia's progressive nature means it’s important to plan ahead, yet until now resources that support this have been limited.

The Advance Project equips care professionals with training and resources to facilitate end-of-life discussions with people living with dementia. As cognition declines, these preferences guide care decisions, honouring autonomy, reducing caregiver stress and optimising access to palliative care services.

Cherry Ramos, a registered nurse in residential aged care, has found the resources invaluable in her role: ‘These resources provide the tools I need to talk with family members and advocate for residents, helping them reflect on needs and preferences for care. I feel empowered to engage in what can be quite robust discussions with families.'

‘The uptake of the training and resources has exceeded expectations. Participants have consistently reported they have improved confidence to talk about this challenging topic,’ says project lead Professor Josephine Clayton.

Read our full Research Report
AR report 520x470_Research

Our HammondCare Foundation

We connect compassionate supporters to initiatives that improve the quality of life for people with complex needs, who are hard to reach, and who would otherwise go without.

In 2022-2023, our extraordinary donors, driven by a shared commitment to care for people whom others can't or won't, raised a remarkable $2,171,844.

This support is the heartbeat of our vision; expanding care programs, conducting groundbreaking research, and fortifying services for those who need it most. Every dollar raised is a catalyst for positive change, allowing HammondCare to provide unparalleled care and support to those in the depths of challenging circumstances.

We are so proud of how our community continues to build on a legacy of compassion, resilience and hope.

Donate now
Residents-enjoying-a-visit by-friendly-greyhounds

Social dividend


Best care for the deepest needs embedded in all we do

Despite a challenging financial context, our social dividend has grown by more than eight per cent, from $40.1m in FY22. It’s a sign that our commitment to provide ‘best care’ is not optional, it’s a part of who we are, embedded in all we do. Mission-led, compassion-fuelled and person-focused – that’s our social dividend.

Residential care

44.1% of residents are financially disadvantaged

AR 23 SD_ResCare A 214x214

Residential care

$3.9m contributed by HammondCare to support financially disadvantaged residents

AR 23 SD_ResCare B 214x214

Home care

$15.6m in additional hours, extra case management and discounts on fees

AR 23 SD_HomeCare 214x214


$2.7m in additional health services to patients without charge

AR 23 SD_Health 214x214


$564,000 additional costs caring for older people experiencing homelessness

AR 23 SD_Homelessness 214x214

Residential care

$14m savings to the health and aged care system from our cottage model of care

AR 23 SD_ResCare C 214x214


$1.3m towards vital ongoing dementia, health and aged care research

AR 23 SD_Research A 214x214

Pastoral care

$3.5m in pastoral care services for clients and staff

AR 23 SD_Research B 214x214


$1.1m investment in volunteer services

AR 23 SD_Research C 214x214

Financials FY22

Total revenue grew by 8.5% to $436.7m.

$155.5m < class="title">Residential Care                                                                                  
$136.4m < class="title">HammondCare at Home                                            
$61.8m < class="title">Health                                                                                                                        
$83m < class="title">Other                                                                                

Financials FY23

Total revenue grew 11% to $477m

Residential Care


HammondCare At Home






Our frontline

It’s our frontline teams that personally bring the best care for the deepest needs. And it’s not just because it’s their job.

Our focus in finding the ‘best people’ is to look for alignment to our Mission, and then we work hard to make sure they are ‘highly valued’ through training, scholarships, benefits and recognition.

We celebrate our frontline teams, and everyone who supports them. They are the driving force behind our success and the reason we continue to make a difference.


Our Frontline

The face of care in nearly three years of pandemic is the face of our frontline, sweating behind PPE, turning up their sleeves again and again, especially when there was no one else. Alongside them are people in enabling teams who’ve swapped their desks to hold hands with residents, clients and patients, or go the extra mile in support of the care we provide. 

Today, our frontline aged, dementia and healthcare teams show us what purposeful work and a life lived well look like. We need them like never before – and we need you, if you’re ready to make a difference.

Join our team

Download the Annual Report 2023

Our passion is improving quality of life for people in need and as a team we’ve held tight to this sacred Mission, finding purpose in our roles, putting others first. To learn more, view the full report.

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2023 AReport_3D single cover mockup 520x470

The HammondCare Story

Alongside our Annual Report, this short film is essential viewing as it shares the voices of the people we care for and the people who care for them.

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