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HammondCare's Foundation Impact Report

Caring when others can't or won't.

HammondCare's Foundation Impact Report

Caring when others can't or won't.

Our purpose 

 In 1932, HammondCare was born out of a belief that all people are made in the image of God and are loved, so we need to show the same love, compassion and respect for people in need.  Donors have backed HammondCare for 91 years. We stand strong with our donors who are not just supporters but cherished partners. Through the HammondCare Foundation, your unwavering generosity enables us to reach new heights and set the global standard for relationship-based care, especially for those with complex needs.

A message from our CEO, Mike Baird

I am delighted to present HammondCare Foundation’s Impact Report 2023 which showcases the important work accomplished through the generous support from you, our donors. This report highlights that our partnership with you allows us to go above and beyond, investing in innovative programs to care for the most vulnerable in our community.


A message from our Chair, Kok Kong Chan

With your selfless support, the
HammondCare Foundation stands poised to
lead a transformative era in care, bringing
generational change to the lives of the four
out of five Australians who will, at some point,
depend on care. Our partnership carries the
power to create a future filled with compassion,
dignity and hope for many.


How your support is making a difference

Dream Project experiences

end-of-life patients and their loved ones participated in the Dreams Project; personalised, memorable experiences to celebrate a patient’s legacy, creating lasting and positive memories for hundreds of loved ones at a time when it matters most.


Connection to community

HammondCare residents enjoyed the independence of complimentary trips to their local communities on donated, wheelchair-accessible buses. These outings fostered social connections and improved their overall wellbeing.


Donated pieces of equipment

essential pieces of equipment were purchased through donations to support client goals, improve quality of life and support staff delivery of interventions.

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The Last Days Program

staff, family, and friends caring for someone with a life-limiting illness were empowered with the right tools, information and support to help them navigate their final days, thanks to the Last Days Program.

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Greyhound visits

residents enjoyed regular and safe visits from trained, rescued greyhounds, encouraging them to socialise and engage, and providing a powerful calming effect for those living with dementia. This program will expand to more sites over the next year, thanks to your support.

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Art therapy

patients have participated in one-on-one or in small group sessions. These sessions inspire participants to explore their own creativity and learn new artistic skills, while also meeting their health and wellness needs.


Our stories

Lending a "Helping Hound" to people living with dementia

This year for our tax appeal we partnered with Greyhound Rescue on the Hounds Helping Humans program. Animal engagement sessions and therapy have been proven to alleviate feelings of anxiety and provide a soothing influence for people living with dementia. 

Residents with greyhounds

Making Respite Cottages feel just like home

Donations to our 2022 Christmas Appeal went above and beyond in supporting clients and their families who rely on overnight respite support at HammondCare’s Respite Cottages. 

Your generosity during the Christmas season of giving enabled the HammondCare Foundation to create a haven of comfort and care at our long-standing Jean Marion and Lucinda Respite Cottages. These beloved cottages have held a special place in the heart of many families from the Central Coast and Northern Sydney for years, and their recent refurbishments ensure this continues for many more years to come.

impact report christmas 2022 appeal respite cottages new furniture happy clients hammondcare foundation

The Dreams Project

HammondCare Foundation had the privilege of making a dream come true for the Dakota, 20, a patient with HammondCare who was living with cancer.

Working alongside HammondCare's dedicated care staff, our Foundation provided Dakota, her family, and bestfriend, with a special memorable experience at The Crown Sydney in her final days.

Dakota and her sister

Helping patients and clients stay at home

Maintaining independence and mobility later in life is critical to a person’s wellbeing. That’s why HammondCare ensures residents, clients and patients have access to the right equipment to support their needs. Donated funds help to purchase new and updated equipment enabling people to care for themselves or their loved ones at home, preserving their sense of dignity and autonomy. 

Royston a disabled HammondCare at Home Client with donated purpose built bed in his home

Arts Engagement

Since launching in April 2022, over 800 patients have participated in the Arts Engagement program, where they connect with professional artists in one-on-one sessions or in small groups. The program is designed to benefit patients undergoing palliative care or rehabilitation, or for patients within an older person’s mental health ward. It is designed to inspire patients to explore their own creativity and learn new artistic skills, while also meeting their health and wellness needs.


How can you get involved?

There are many ways for you to partner with us, from volunteering to making a regular donation, or getting involved through workplace giving.

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Thank you to our supporters

HammondCare Foundation gratefully acknowledges the generosity of all our
supporters with a special mention to:

Significant Donors

  • Matt Graham
  • Ms Tap Diep Tran
  • Pamela King
  • Paul Gately
  • Perpetual Foundation – Jack
    Tilburn Endowment
  • Rebel Penfold–Russel on behalf of the Vine Foundation
  • Robyn Wineglass & Anthony Stubbs
  • Roger Massy-Greene AM
  • Susan Maple-Brown AM

Trust and Foundations

  • Bluesand Foundation
  • Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation –Vernon Sinclair Fund
  • Gaudry Foundation
  • Hildanna Foundation
  • James N. Kirby Foundation.
  • Karen & John Kightley Foundation
  • Perpetual Foundation – Jack Tilburn Endowment
  • Snow Foundation
  • The Pickles Foundation
  • Wunderbar Foundation

Corporate partners

  • Alpha Lifecare
  • Claxton Speakers International
  • EBOS Group Pty Ltd
  • Hearts and Minds Investments Limited
  • Independent Living Specialists
  • Nestle Professional
  • Stephen Edwards Constructions
  • TENA (Essity)
  • Total Construction
  • Wilson Asset Management


Bequests – the following people have left a legacy of faith and caring:

  • Anita McKenzie
  • Barbara Kathleen Throsby Young
  • Charles Mackillop
  • Laurence Manning
  • Richard Walter Alley

Community fundraisers

  • Katie Scudder
  • Mark & Belinda Thompson
  • Myles Lattacher
  • Nina Johnson

Final reflections from General Manager Foundation, Mark Peacock

The Foundation team extend our deepest gratitude to our supporters for your partnership in helping fulfil the mission of the HammondCare Foundation. We’re delighted to share this, our second HammondCare Foundation Impact Report with you.  
We hope the stories of people whose lives have been impacted through your generosity resonated with you. The HammondCare Foundation will continue to focus on those most in need and we hope that you will continue to work alongside us in this worthy endeavour.  

Our door is always open to supporters wishing to connect. 


Download Impact Report 2023

Read the full report to learn more about the impact your support makes.

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