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Leaders in dementia care expertise

For nearly 30 years, we've walked alongside people living with dementia and their carers, developing and sharing our globally-recognised research and best practices.

Leaders in dementia care expertise

For nearly 30 years, we've walked alongside people living with dementia and their carers, developing and sharing our globally-recognised research and best practices.

Improving quality of life for people living with dementia

The Dementia Centre is at the heart of excellence in dementia expertise, helping us embed this knowledge in all our care services, including residential care and in-home care.

Drawing on decades of research and experience in complex dementia care, our approach centres around what’s best for each individual. We call this relationship-based care.

As part of our commitment to improving quality of life for people living with dementia and their carers, it’s our privilege to compassionately and respectfully share our knowledge, practical tools and advice while continuing to listen and learn.

Our dementia experts, including clinicians, consultants and practitioners, contribute to the global understanding and practice of dementia through peer-reviewed research, publications and internationally recognised programs and consultancy.

And, of course, our care teams are walking alongside people with dementia and their family and friends every day, with a commitment to continual learning and improvement, which we share with others.


Developing the evidence base for dementia since 1995

Our consulting, educational and clinical services are underpinned by evidence developed in nearly 30 years of research and practice.

HammondCare established its first groundbreaking cottages for dementia care in 1995, and we use our experience, data and research findings to inform how best to deliver dementia services.

Importantly, we learn from the people we serve about issues that need to be addressed in research. For us, research is about transforming practice in complex dementia, changing behaviour, palliative care and more.

Access to this knowledge can help you improve the lives of people in your care who are living with dementia and others who support them.


Shaping the standard of care

We collaborate on a global scale on complex dementia, palliative care and positive ageing research, which translates into improved care and best practice in dementia and aged care services.

HammondCare Research Report 2020

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HammondCare Research Report 2019

Contains case studies on the social impact of support programs, pain education intervention, and more.

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HammondCare Research Report 2018

Featuring research on reablement for people living with dementia and positive ageing through the arts.

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The Dementia Centre

Open access to industry-leading expertise

The Dementia Centre, founded by HammondCare, collaborates with research organisations worldwide to deliver an international perspective on issues that affect the lives of people with dementia, their families and care delivery.

After nearly 30 years in practice, The Dementia Centre is the leading provider of research, consultancy and education in complex dementia care, including dementia design.

We work with experts across multiple disciplines — people with lived experience, clinicians, researchers, consultants, and more — to gather knowledge and resources to better support people living with dementia and those who care for them.


Dementia Care consulting

Proven approaches, quality care

Meet our consultants: experts from The Dementia Centre who collaborate with you to instil industry best practices in care. Through assessment and education, we ensure your team is equipped to deliver high-quality care to people living with dementia.

Our consultancy service encompasses the physical environment too, taking into account the impact of design on residents’ quality of life. By getting to know your service and spaces, we’ll show you where proven approaches can make a difference.