The Dreams Project was established as a way of assisting patients and their families to fulfil their dreams and wishes as they face a life limiting illness. With your help, we can make these dreams a reality.

Why we need you

Helping facilitate a dream is an incredible gift for an individual at this very difficult time in their life. It’s a way of building a connection and memories with loved ones, and something to distract from the difficulties and pain. Even the planning and dreaming can bring joy.

We rely on your generosity to help make these dreams come true.

With your support we can continue to realise the dreams of those in our care.

Whether it’s a visit to the beach, reuniting with loved ones, or a trip to the theatre, there's nothing more precious than looking after the special dreams and final wishes of people in their last days.

Making dreams come true

The Dreams Project recently helped Tracy, who is in the final stages of palliative care. Tracy grew up in Africa and has shared her own love of animals with her young daughter, Taya. To help Tracy and her family create some special memories The Dreams Project organised a weekend away to the five-star wildlife and conservation retreat, Jamala Lodge. Watch the video above to see how much this experience meant to Tracy and her family.

Help support The Dreams Project

Your donations will help make the dreams of people like Tracy, and others in the final stages of palliative care, become a reality.

To donate, click on the button below to be taken to the Donation page. Once there, select “Current Projects” from the drop-down menu on the top left, followed by “Dreams Project” from the drop-down menu under “Area” on the top right.

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