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Rehabilitation services

The road to recovery starts here, whether you need rehabilitation services for yourself or want to refer a patient.


A specialist team that’s there at every step

There’s help to regain independence under the care and guidance of a dedicated specialist rehabilitation team.

Our rehabilitation services focus on each person’s unique recovery. By listening to hopes and goals – with special attention given to clinical symptoms – we’ll ensure recovery goes as smoothly as possible.

Your dedicated rehabilitation team will take over the next steps of the treatment program. From assessment through to recovery, each patient receives expert care from the same team they know and trust. This is our unique relationship-based Model of Care.

A specialist team that’s there at every step

Expert-led care for all

We cater to a comprehensive range of conditions and recovery needs such as:

Mobility and functional rehabilitation after falls and fractures
Cancer and neurological diagnoses
Reconditioning following surgical admission
Orthopaedic treatment
Magnifying glass
Complex medical conditions
Clip art Check list
Other conditions

Our specialist care includes:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech pathology
  • Dietetics
  • Clinical psychology
  • Medical rehabilitation
  • Pharmacy
  • Social work
  • Exercise physiology
  • Recreational officers
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Nursing
  • Pastoral care
  • Diversional therapy

What’s the rehabilitation process?

Step 1


If you’re a GP, surgeon or specialist, start by talking to your patient about your next steps for treatment. Then, refer them to our Medical Rehabilitation Specialists for rehabilitation services.

All patient referrals must be from a General Practitioner, medical specialist, or advance practice nurse, and must include the referring officer’s address, phone number, and provider number. If the referral is from a specialist, the patient’s GP details should also be included with the referral.

All referrals must be legally valid as outlined in the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).

The referral must be received and dated prior to the patient receiving treatment from our service, with the exception of medical emergencies and inter-hospital transfers.

To refer a patient to a Medical Rehabilitation Specialist at Greenwich Hospital

Please complete the form/s below:

And email or fax as per instructions on the form.

Step 2

Inpatient admission

If the patient needs hospitalisation, we’ll welcome them to our inpatient unit (at Braeside Hospital only) where they’ll receive expert care from our professional team.

Step 3

Treatment assessment

After an assessment, the team will create a comprehensive, personalised care plan with clear goals to address the patient’s needs. This also applies if they are referred straight to outpatients.

Step 4

Outpatient visits

Either on discharge or during the outpatient treatment assessment, the patient will receive a detailed rehabilitation plan to ensure they’re supported throughout the recovery process.

Step 5

Community programs

To continue the road to recovery, the patient can participate in one of our community programs that provide support with mobility and balance, nutrition, and good social skills.

Step 6

Ongoing support

Our specialists will develop a plan to help the patient maintain their optimal function, which may include ongoing monitoring.

Refer a patient for rehabilitation

Braeside Rehabilitation Services

To refer to Braeside Hospital, call (02) 9756 8800.

Braeside Rehabilitation Services

Greenwich Ambulatory Rehabilitation Services

To refer to Greenwich Hospital ambulatory rehab call (04) 6750 5646. 

Greenwich Rehabilitation Services
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