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Ensuring everyone has the choice to consider end-of-life care at home is important. Not having the right equipment for safe and comfortable care at home should not prevent that choice.

Donations to the HammondCare Foundation maintain a Discretionary Fund that helps families meet the costs of hiring the right kind of equipment when being home matters most.

When being home matters most

Last Christmas, we shared a heartfelt story about how access to special care equipment helped make Andrew’s choice to spend his last Christmas at home with family a reality. For Andrew’s wife Judy and their two children, providing end-of-life care at home was possible thanks to support from Nives, a HammondCare palliative care worker, and the hire of essential care equipment – including an adjustable bed with air mattress and rails, and a hoist.

Unfortunately, a shortfall in funding has meant equipment for palliative care patients across northern Sydney, from Brooklyn to the Harbour Bridge, is no longer available.

Over 12 months to June 2020 across the district, 361 beds were hired for an average period of six weeks at a cost of $596 for each bed. Without subsidy, equipment hire costs put an excessive burden on families already dealing with the challenges that a life-limiting illness creates.

At the HammondCare Foundation, we want to keep helping those when being home matters most, but we need help.

With your support, more families can help make a loved one’s choice to spend their last days at home a possibility.  It’s not a choice for everyone but making that choice relies on having access to the right equipment so loved ones, carers and family are always safe and comfortable.

Having access to special equipment made it possible for Andrew to share one last Christmas with his family

Having access to special equipment made it possible for Andrew to share one last Christmas with his family

“Being able to be cared for at home was really important to Andrew.

"If it hadn’t been for the adjustable bed with its special air mattress and the hoist, I know our experience and Andrew’s comfort would have been very different.”

- Judy (Andrew’s wife)

Donate now

Your gift will make the world of difference to families struggling to meet hire costs for essential care equipment. Your generosity will help make a wish to receive end-of-life-care in the place of choice a reality.

If you’d like more information about other ways you can help financially support the broad range of HammondCare’s innovative and leading-edge palliative care services, please call the HammondCare Foundation on 1300 426 666 or 02 8280 8432.


Christmas Appeal end of life care 2020 Andrew bella bed resize   HammondCare Christmas Appeal 2020 end of life care Andrew family Judy photo   HammondCare Christmas Appeal 2020 end of life care Andrew family Judy 

Left to right: Andrew in a palliative care bed with cat Bella keeping him company | Andrew's wife Judy with HammondCare care worker Nives