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HammondCare Greenwich Hospital provides rehabilitation, palliative and supportive care, pain management, mental health care for older people, community and other vital support services.

We are passionate about meeting the growing needs of northern Sydney’s ageing population and in order to do so, HammondCare plan to redevelop Greenwich hospital. This will ensure we can meet the health care needs of the community into the future.

Our vision is for an integrated health care campus that will provide a continuum of care for older people, through fully cohesive, best-in-class services.

To find out more about the future vision for Greenwich Hospital see below "Redeveloping Greenwich Hospital: A vision for the future".

Our palliative care aims to make patients as comfortable and symptom-free as possible during the course of a progressive life-limiting illness.

Greenwich Hospital provides comprehensive support for the person, their family and other carers. We offer support which embraces physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.

The Palliative & Supportive Care Unit provides palliative care for:

  • Short-term admission for symptom management
  • Admission to meet the special needs of patients in the final stages of their illness.

The Palliative & Supportive Care Community team provides palliative care for patients and their families residing at home. 

Find out more about palliative care

Greenwich Hospital offers a comprehensive, personalised and innovative rehabilitation service to help you with your recovery from neurological, cancer or musculoskeletal conditions.

Our rehabilitation services are individually designed to assist you with adjusting and rebuilding your life to live as independently as possible.

We specifically cater for individuals who have experienced life altering events such as:

  • Neurological diagnosis (e.g. stroke) with functional problems
  • Cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment
  • Mobility and functional problems after falls, fractures and any musculoskeletal impairment
  • Significant impairment after any medical and surgical illness

Find out more about rehabilitation

The HammondCare Greenwich Hospital Pain Clinic provides treatment for people with chronic non-cancer pain and cancer survivors with chronic pain.

The HammondCare Greenwich Hospital Pain Clinic is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of health professionals and seeks to help people by providing careful assessment and appropriate treatment tailored to individual circumstances. The treatments offered by the Pain Clinic are designed to reduce pain and help with other aspects of life that are affected by pain, including things like physical activities and mood. The clinic uses various approaches to relieving and helping people with their pain.  

Find out more about pain management 

HammondCare Greenwich Hospital’s Riverglen Unit aims to provide a place of safety and treatment in a secure, modern setting for older people in the acute phase of a mental health disorder.

Riverglen Unit also provides patients with multidisciplinary care. Our team includes consultant Psychiatrists registrars, nurses, allied health professionals and consultative geriatrician services.

Our team of mental health professionals will access your psychological and physical health and prescribe appropriate treatment in consultation with yourself and your carers.

Find out more about older persons’ mental health

HammondCare is committed to providing high quality, safe and person-centred care for our clients and patients. Our hospitals are fully accredited via the Australian Council on Health Care Standards (ACHS) under the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

We use various strategies and structures to monitor patient safety and quality of care. These include reviews, audits, surveys and feedback from consumers, carers and staff. Regular clinical indicator review is one of the strategies used within our ongoing quality and safety culture.

In addition to internal and external professional reviews, we have a Consumer Advisory Council who reviews patient safety data and provide comments on a regular basis. 

Palliative & Supportive Care

While Palliative Care patients may be visited at any time, please note that 12.30pm to 2.00pm and 8.00pm to 8.00am is the patients’ rest period. We encourage visitors to be quiet at these times and avoid using the phone.

Also short visits can often be the most helpful, with only one or two visitors at a time.

Family members are also welcome to stay overnight in our Palliative & Supportive Care Unit. We can provide a fold away bed in your loved one’s room if you wish to stay.


Visiting hours in our Rehabilitation Unit are flexible. However, we do ask that visitors leave by 8pm.

Specialist Mental Health Services for Older People

Riverglen’s visiting hours are 10am – 8pm.

1213 180313 render isometric 450pxWideOur vision is for an integrated health care campus that will provide a continuum of care for older people in northern Sydney, through fully cohesive, best-in-class services.

The new Greenwich campus will offer a doubling of inpatient beds across palliative care, rehabilitation, dementia care and older people’s mental health, as well seniors’ living and a growing range of day hospital, outpatient and community health services.

The redevelopment will ensure the leafy green grounds of the hospital are enhanced, the heritage-listed Pallister House is fully protected and parking is vastly improved with a doubling of car spaces, mostly underground. Extensive
community consultation is a key part of the
approach in this redevelopment.

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