Volunteering in our aged care homes

HammondCare is dedicated to providing residential aged care for people who can no longer be supported in their own home and who require a greater level of care and support.

As you volunteer and visit residents in one of our care homes or dementia cottages, you may help with a variety of activities. All HammondCare Volunteers will be required to show proof of your current flu vaccination.

As part of volunteering in our aged care homes, you may:

  • Screen visitors coming on-site as a Concierge volunteer
  • Become a friend to residents, visiting and sharing friendship
  • Drive a small mini-bus
  • Assist with individual and group activities such as exercise programs, shopping trips, games, craft, art, music, movies, discussion groups, cooking and special events
  • Help out with our pastoral care activities
  • Bring along your pet and having a chat with residents
  • Give hand massages and manicures
  • Help in the gardens or assist our property team manager
  • Assist in the office and assist the administration team

How do I get involved?

If you feel volunteering in residential aged care is right for you, apply to one of our many opportunities here or call 1800 793 399 to speak to a Volunteer Coordinator. 


Do you have a special skill, interest or hobby that you think would benefit residents? We are always happy to listen to your ideas and work with you to find a role that suits you. What we love is volunteers with passion.