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The room outside The room outside explains why access to outdoors is vital and how to achieve it for older people and.. Product #: TRO-933-999-1650-B019 Regular price: $29.95 $29.95
The Room Outside - Carer Resource

The room outside

The room outside is the long-awaited new book from Annie Pollock who with Colm Cunningham advocates strongly for well-designed gardens and outdoor spaces with ease of access to enhance the lives of older people and people with dementia.

Drawing on the latest research and best practice from across the world, The room outside: Designing outdoor living for older people and people with dementia is easy to read, informative and full of beautiful photos making it the perfect resource for those seeking to build, design or manage better outdoor spaces, as well as for those wanting to access or advocate for them.

The book shows that despite the indisputable health and care benefits, too often access to gardens and outside is not readily available and then sets about to show in a practical way how to change or improve this situation.

Sections on garden design, site planning, plant selection, and maintenance alongside the latest dementia design principles throughout, The room outside will be an essential new resource for residential care and hospital settings, as well as at home and the community.

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About the authors

Annie Pollock is an architect and landscape architect with more than 40 years’ experience designing outdoor spaces for older people. She has won several prestigious design awards for her work and travelled throughout the UK, Europe, China and Australia as a consultant and trainer. Annie is widely published, including Designing Gardens for People with Dementia for the University of Stirling in 2001. She is currently an Associate Consultant for HammondCare.

Colm Cunningham is the director of the Dementia Centre, leading an Australian and international team of over 200 staff involved in research, education and consultancy. He has more than 30 years’ experience in older age care. Colm has studied and written extensively on a wide range of issues about dementia, including design, pain care, hospital care, night time care and intellectual disability. His most recent previous book, ‘Enlighten: Lighting for older people and people with dementia’, was published by HammondCare Media in 2017.