Our Model of Care

We're a home, not a facility

At HammondCare, we provide the highest possible quality of care to all people with an assessed need, regardless of their financial circumstances.

We believe that people living with dementia should have every opportunity to live as independently as possible, function at their greatest potential and enjoy life.

A better way to live with dementia 

HammondCare offers a range of services for older people who require low, high or dementia-specific care. We aim to promote dignity, self-esteem and autonomy in how we care for residents and in the environment of our care homes. 

Unlike many dementia care facilities, which can be large and institutional, our dementia homes are built as domestic cottages, each housing a small number of residents. As much as possible, these cottages function like homes, rather than institutions. They are built around an open plan, domestic kitchen and living area, where all meals are prepared by staff and residents – yes, residents get involved!

Designed for independence

To promote autonomy and self-esteem in residents, we have designed our cottages and other environments to be legible for people with dementia.

This means that residents can see or sense where they are and where they want to go. In order to minimise confusion, people with dementia must be able to read – not remember – their environment. We achieve this by providing visual cues to residents about where they are.

For example, 'memory boxes’ filled with personal effects are installed outside bedrooms so residents know which room is theirs. There are no dead-ends or locked doors in our cottages, meaning that residents aren’t confused or frustrated, and can always find their way back to a common area. We also use the design of interior spaces to show their different functions and to highlight entrances. Different styles of timber panelling serve as visual cues to denote doors and hallways, and different types of flooring are used to mark various common areas in the cottage.

A unique model of care

Our staff put people before tasks. Careworkers know that every resident has different needs, and that caring for someone is not just about physical health, but also emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Our care workers work flexibly to promote a home-like environment and to engage those they serve (to the extent they wish) with the world around them. Just like family members who provide care in the home, our carers clean, prepare and serve meals and attend to other normal household chores, as well as provide care.

They build respectful, caring relationships with those they serve and seek to understand their needs and ensure they are met. Our care workers are empowered to make day-to-day decisions regarding the care of individuals they serve and the smooth functioning of the service in which they work.

Staff are valued and recognised as core carriers of knowledge about the individuals they care for. They work together with other members of the care team to ensure individuals’ needs are met in a way that is consistent with our philosophy of care.

HammondCare's cottage model

At HammondCare, we ensure each resident lives in a cottage that matches their individual needs, with the right level of care, the right type of carers, and with other residents who need the same level of care.

Once a vacancy has been confirmed, we will then arrange an assessment with one of our team to determine the best way we can support you as a resident.

We recognise that no two people have the same needs, which is why we use our Care Planning Assessment Tool (CPAT).

The CPAT covers a range of areas that focus on physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and social wellbeing. This enables us to match your care needs with a care home that’s the right fit for you.

This added step is unique to HammondCare. It means residents are able to fit more comfortably into their new home, enjoy a better quality of life, and receive the care level they need.

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