Resources about grief or end of life care

For those experiencing grief, or supporting someone who is grieving

bereavement the first twelve months and beyond

Bereavement: the first twelve months and beyond

This booklet has been designed to include a range of information which may be of use to you and your family and friends. Understanding what may be happening for you in your bereavement will not necessarily lessen your pain but it can help you to manage better.

children and griefChildren and grief: information for parents

A death in the family? A child's response may be different from an adults. This guide discusses what you can do to help a child understand death - from developmental understanding and responses to helping the child through grief.


grief coping with special occasionsGrief: Coping with anniversaries, religious celebrations and special occasions

This guide will provide practical advice on how to prepare for anniversaries, religious celebrations and special occasions which are often a difficult time during bereavement.


understanding griefBereavement: Understanding grief

What is grief and what can you expect in response to grief? This guide provides a range of information on what to expect following a bereavement.


practical mattersBereavement: Practical matters

From arranging a funeral, legal matters, ashes and belongings - this guide will take you through the many practical matters that need to be tended to following the death of a family member or friend.