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Last Days Program

Navigating Death and Dying

Last Days Program

Navigating Death and Dying

Knowledge and tools to navigate a person’s last days

Around 160,000 people die every year in Australia - so how can we help families know what to expect and prepare for what is coming?

Our Last Days program is designed to equip people with practical knowledge and tools to navigate the last days of someone they care for. 

We also offer Last Days Dementia, to help carers negotiate the complications that come when someone with dementia is dying.

The Last Days program has been generously supported by the HammondCare Foundation.


Who is it for?

People in regional Australia caring for someone facing their last days

If you live in regional Australia and are currently caring for someone who is facing their last days, we have online and in-person Last Days and Last Days Dementia workshops, with more being announced throughout the year. Supported by the HammondCare Foundation, these workshops aim to address the inconsistent provision of palliative and end-of-life care in regional, rural and remote areas.

Last Days regional and online workshops

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Last Days online workshops

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Last Days Foundation


Last Days Dementia


Health and aged care professionals

If you're a healthcare provider, you can partner with us to deliver Last Days and Last Days Dementia online or face-to-face to the people in your care, at your location of choice. Hundreds of healthcare professionals have now taken part in the program, growing their capacity to guide carers through the end of life period.

Partner with us

Participants learn

  • How we die and the role of palliative care 
  • What a 'good death' is and the choices we have 
  • How to have conversations about dying and plan for what’s ahead 
  • Practical matters to get affairs in order 
  • Care choices as we near death 
  • Grief and loss 
  • Rituals, rules and regulations around death
  • How dementia affects the process of dying
Learn about the Last Days program

The Last Days Program helps to

  • Acquire knowledge and tools
    Support someone in your care to proactively make end-of-life choices
  • Understand dying as a normal part of life
    Prepare for what’s coming by learning about the dying process
  • Know where to find support
    Connect to practical support and others going through a similar experience 
  • Feel confident talking about end of life
    Understand that death need not be private or hidden and learn to talk about it openly

What does it involve?

The Last Days program is run by an experienced palliative care nurse as either a three-hour face-to-face workshop or a three-hour online workshop.

It is designed to equip family, friends and carers of someone at end-of-life with the knowledge and skills to navigate their last days, and includes workshops specifically on supporting someone with dementia through their last days.

Participants receive a comprehensive workbook with information on support services and resources.

Introduction to The Last Days Program
  • Understanding the process of ordinary dying 
  • Program objectives 
  • What is palliative care
  • What care is available to you
  • We all have choices
  • What is important to you
  • What is advance care planning
  • Who would you trust to make your health decisions
  • What do all these definitions mean
  • Communication approaches and strategies 
  • Dying – it’s a natural process
  • In the last days
  • Symptoms you may experience when supporting your loved one
  • Self care
  • What they may experience
  • Living life until the end
  • Spiritual Care
  • The moments after someone has died
  • Who to notify 
  • Funerals 

  • No right or wrong way to grieve 
  • Caring for yourself 
  • Children and grief 

“So informative. I feel prepared to confront the difficulties that come from saying farewell to those we love.”

The Last Days Program pilot participant


“Very informative and reassuring. Having this knowledge makes me feel less anxious about the end of life. Thank you.”

The Last Days Program pilot participant

Want to discover more about partnering with us?

Join the many organisations that have run Last Days for the people in their care - just fill in the form or call 1300 884 304.