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So much more than sightseeing outings or a break from routine, bus trips stimulate an appetite for living, connected relationships and memories of what is precious.

HammondCare is raising much-needed funds for wheelchair accessible buses to help those in our care reconnect with life that’s been on hold for far too long.

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All older Australians deserve every opportunity to have choice, independence and quality of life.

For residents in our care, their individual needs and circumstances have always been at the heart of everything we do. We care for the whole person by respecting their life story and focusing on what they’re passionate about. Care staff spend quality time building relationships with those in their care to design and create activities that hold meaning and purpose.

Our Life Engagement programs focus on providing tailored activities that offer opportunities for empowerment and control.

At HammondCare Foundation, we’re focused on ensuring those engagement programs will always be available to every person who reaches out for care. One group engagement activity widely enjoyed by many HammondCare cottage residents is the opportunity to venture outdoors.

These organised activities are vital to individual wellbeing as they provide critical connection with friends, the chance to make new ones, meet different people, see new places and – when places and things from their past reignite special memories – reminisce about enjoyable experiences.

Often these trips also allow carers to gain insights that enable them to see residents with fresh eyes.

Their stories

Beloved memories are stimulated on bus trips that take residents past childhood homes and old stomping grounds. The memories that these locations ignite, play an important role in linking locals to their heritage and community relationships.

Discovering these kinds of details about residents helps carers to celebrate and understand their lives, and form deeper connections.

Pastime pleasure

Pastime pleasure

Resident *John was delighted when his last bus trip took him back to his hometown of Maitland.

Driving down the main street, sitting in the park near the Bowling Club, and having morning tea with the bus doors open, looking out over the scenery, brought back joyous memories.

Wedding memories

Wedding memories

As the bus passed a park in Tempe on a trip to Sydney, resident *Adam announced, “That’s where I proposed to my wife!”.

The memories came flooding back and he talked about his wedding and wife with great joy. This stimulated beloved memories from other residents on the bus, who animatedly shared their own wedding stories.

A monumental memory

A monumental memory

While on a drive along the Sea Cliff Bridge in Wollongong, *Irene, a quiet-spoken lady, revealed that she had been an eminent hydrologist and lecturer at UNSW, and that she had worked on the impact study that led to the construction of the iconic bridge.

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Help us raise much-needed funds for wheelchair-accessible buses that offer residents the chance to adventure beyond their cottage environment, make connections, improve wellbeing and create precious memories.

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*Names have been changed for privacy

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