Arts Engagement in Hospitals

Using the creative arts; music, dance and the visual arts, to promote healthy and active ageing.

AOP1  Using art to focus on health and wellness needs 

Arts Engagement in Hospitals is a fun, engaging and practical program where experienced artists work with small groups to help participants explore their own creativity and learn new skills, while at the same time focusing on specific health and wellness needs.

Experienced artists specialising in a range of artistic forms from painting, visual arts, theatre, photography, music, writing and dance will teach the classes. 

Options include:

  • Community arts programs and workshops for small groups
  • One-on-one artist sessions in the home
  • Programs for people living with dementia and their carers 
  • Tailor-made programs in hospitals, care homes and community centres 

Creative Movement

Build mobility and physical wellness in a fun and relaxed way. Classes are set to music and adapted by the artist according to the requirements of the group or individual.

Visual Arts

Our team of Visual Artists offer a range of classes including painting, drawing, clay work, photography, printmaking and sculpture. Subject areas can include landscape, portraiture, still life and abstract art. The artists have a wide range of experiences and work with participants’ interests and needs.

Music and Performance

Our music and drama programs offer an opportunity for participants to learn a new skill, and to build confidence and self-esteem while having fun! Programs require no experience and range from singing and percussion to poetry and acting.

Why the word Prescription?

Research has shown that participating in the creative arts such as visual art, music, dance or performance has a positive impact on health and wellbeing. We work with health care professionals and understand the value of the creative arts when used alongside traditional health services.

What can be gained from participating in the Arts…

  • Improved mental wellbeing
  • An opportunity to use or develop new skills
  • Community connection and social interaction
  • Help through tough times, such as bereavement
  • Improved physical health
  • Purpose and a new sense of self

How do I access this service?

Arts on Prescription is available to anyone from the community who is experiencing some health challenges. This service can be run in a one-to-one environment or in a community group setting. If you are a HammondAtHome client your Home Care Package budget can be used to cover the cost of the service. A referral form is required prior to commencement.

Positive Ageing services 

HammondCare At Home offers a range of Positive Ageing Services that can be included in your package. These can be services designed to improve quality of life and interdependence of older people at home and in their community.

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