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Age well with our positive ageing services

Our Centre for Positive Ageing focuses on helping you make the most of your ageing experience – whatever your circumstances may be.

We understand that older age does not always go as planned. Many people experience chronic diseases, loss of loves ones and various other challenges. This then often begs the question, “what is so positive about ageing?”.

Well, there are many aspects of older age that are positive and we hope to show you how to make the most of them. But we don’t gloss over the challenges – in fact, we will hit them head-on and provide realistic and practical tips to help you age as positively as possible.

Why choose a Positive Ageing service?

  • Our progams improve quality of life and independence for older people
  • Learn practical skills to stay active and healthy during your older age
  • Improve your overall health and nutrition with a personal healthy meal plan
  • Maintain your balance and strength to live independently
  • Get back to basics and focus on your specific health and wellness needs
  • Enjoy sessions delivered by qualified health practitioners from our Centre for Positive Ageing team
The Short-Term Restorative Care (STRC) Program

The Short-Term Restorative Care (STRC) Program

Most of us as we grow older need a helping hand to feel more confident, safe and independent at home. Short-Term Restorative Care provides tailored support to help you improve the quality of your daily life.

Read more about STRC
Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves gives you the knowledge and practical skills needed to maintain balance and strength to live at home safely and confidently.

Read more about Smooth Moves
Eat Well, Live Well

Eat Well, Live Well

Eat Well, Live Well is designed to help you prepare nutritious, tasty meals to enhance wellbeing, thereby encouraging appetite and good eating habits.

Read more about Eat Well, Live Well
Arts Engagement in Hospitals

Arts Engagement in Hospitals

Arts Engagement in Hospitals is a fun and practical program to help explore your own creativity and learn new skills - while focusing on specific health and wellness needs.

Read more about Arts Engagement in Hospitals
Changing lives through art

Changing lives through art

Tony is a retired prison guard who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Most of his life he's wanted to be an entertainer and our Arts on Prescription program has given him the confidence to stand up and sing in front of other people - which he's never had before.

Where do we offer positive ageing?

Our Positive Ageing services are delivered everywhere that we deliver home care services. This includes group and individual services.

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How do I access Positive Ageing services?

Positive Ageing services are available to people receiving a Home Care Package from HammondCare. Your Home Care Package budget can be used to cover the cost of the service. Clearance from your GP may be required prior to commencement. 

 Learn more about Home Care Packages

No matter what your financial situation, everyone can access the same quality of care with HammondCare

To investigate what assistance you may be entitled to, visit myagedcare.gov.au or phone 1800 200 422 

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Arts on Prescription - sector guide


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