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Family Carer
Dementia Centre
  • Dementia Centre
  • 03 November 2022
  • Podcast

Starting Conversations: The Questions

We discuss how a dementia diagnosis is delivered and hear from couple Clare and Jim as they recount their personal experience.

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We join Ailsa on a chilly Melbourne afternoon as she chats with Steve Macfarlane, head of clinical services for DSA. They discuss how a diagnosis is delivered and we hear from Clare and Jim as they recount the experience.

One question the podcast asks is how early is early when it comes to picking up on a future diagnosis. To that end, we hear from Craig Ritchie as he explains looking for new ways to detect and measure the progression of the disease in the brain in a ‘silent period’.

In addition, Craig stresses the importance of looking at dementia as a disease of the brain and the focus on maintaining brain health.

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Ailsa Wild

Author · Speaker · Facilitator · Mentor

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