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Dementia Centre
  • Dementia Centre
  • 27 October 2022
  • Podcast

Starting Conversations: The Next Step

In episode two of our new podcast series, we talk about next steps after being diagnosed with dementia and what that process looks like for a GP.

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In episode two of our new series, Ailsa heads over to talk to Dr Sally Cockburn, also known for her regular radio hosting role as ‘Dr Feelgood’ in her segment Talking Health with Dr Sally Cockburn.

They talk next steps, following on from those first signs, and what that process looks like for the GP and how Sally has handled those conversations. 

To find out more about this process Ailsa chats with Donna Lee, a dementia advocate at the International Dementia Conference that happened in September. Donna shares her experience of diagnosis and moving on with her life. 

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Ailsa Wild

Author · Speaker · Facilitator · Mentor

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