Pain Management Research

In order to contribute to knowledge in this area and maintain the best possible standards of care, the HammondCare Greenwich Hospital Pain Clinic has an active research program. Several projects are being conducted to help develop more effective options for the management of pain and pain-related disability.

Pain management is a very important part of care across many areas that are central to HammondCare’s mission including dementia care, palliative care and rehabilitation and restorative care. This provides us with an opportunity to collaborate closely with HammondCare colleagues across these different disciplines.

docsCurrent projects

Rebuilding meaning and purpose following a spinal cord injury

A spinal cord injury is often associated with severe and unrelenting pain and can have a profound impact on a person’s sense of meaning and purpose. Not only pain, but also this loss of meaning and purpose can have a major impact on psychological well-being and quality of life.

With funding provided by the icare Foundation, and bringing together of team from the Pain Clinic as well as a person with quadriplegia, this project aims to develop a program that rebuilds a stronger sense of meaning and purpose in people with a spinal cord injury. This program is entirely online and provides resources, interactive group sessions and individual, personalised coaching to explore implementation of what has arisen from the information, conversations and personal reflection during the program.

Developing a new resource for people with cancer pain

A number of years ago, the Pain Clinic team published two books titled The Pain Book and The Spinal Cord Injury Pain Book as resources for people with chronic pain both generally and specifically following spinal cord injury. These books have been very popular and used not only in our own clinic but also in a large number of clinics around the country.

In collaboration with Professor Melanie Lovell from the Department of Palliative Care, the Pain Clinic team are developing a new resource for people with pain related to cancer titled “The Cancer Pain Book”. The book will be accompanied by an app which will provide additional information and activities to help people manage their pain.

The book and the app will provide a much-needed support for people who are experiencing pain associated with cancer.