As a service provider, HammondCare is uniquely positioned to ‘translate’ research into practice. We seek to ensure that our research is sustainable and capable of implementation across all our aged and health care services.

HammondCare's researchers not only focus on improving a person's quality of life, but also seek to assist family, carers and staff to provide the best quality of care and to feel supported in their role. Our work blends expertise and passion, service delivery and rigorous inquiry.

Our research areas include dementia and aged care, palliative care, older persons' mental health, pain management and treatment, rehabilitation and restorative care and workplace development and training.

What are our key focus areas?

Dementia and Aged Care

Positioned at the intersection of research and operations within Australia’s largest provider of dementia specific services, HammondCare's Dementia Centre provides a working model of ongoing research knowledge translation and implementation.

Palliative Care

HammondCare is involved in many areas of research in palliative care including conducting translational research projects to embed evidence in practice, including pain guidelines, an anxiety and depression pathway and advance care planning.

Pain Management 

The Greenwich Hospital Pain Clinic has an active research program with a number of ongoing projects conducted to evaluate and understand the effectiveness of our pain treatments and research trials.

Rehabilitation and Restorative Care

HammondCare leads or partners in a range of rehabilitation and restorative care research projects helping recovery from neurological, cancer or musculoskeletal conditions to regain mobility and quality of life.

Development and Training

At HammondCare, our passion is improving quality of life for people in need and a key component of this is learning and development. We believe the best practice care starts with the best education.