Janet’s determination got her home

Janet sits in Greenwich Hospital with her husband and three young daughters celebrating a birthdayWhen Janet was transferred from the Royal North Shore Hospital to Greenwich Hospital for palliative care, this young family’s life was turned upside down. During the next eight weeks in Greenwich, Janet's husband Jeremy, said she worked so hard in her determination to be well.

“Janet has been through unimaginable physical challenges in her body, declining in palliative care at first and then starting to improve halfway during her stay. The incredible team at the hospital – especially her physiotherapist Sally – helped Janet improve, get stronger and walk a little more."

At a time when COVID restrictions were impacting visits, looking after Janet at home became a real possibility, but only if it was agreed this could be done safely and comfortably.

A devoted mother to three young girls aged 13, 11 and 10 years, Janet joined in two of their birthday celebrations while at Greenwich. But the greatest cause for celebration came with the news that, with the right supports in place, Janet could go home.

“Everyone at HammondCare was amazing. They moved heaven and earth to create a great care plan to help us get Janet home and work out how to support us to care for her," said Jeremy. “I think Janet’s tears of gratitude expressed how we were all feeling. We will be forever thankful.”

Janet is 40 years old so the only provision of funding to support her special equipment needs is through NDIS – and unfortunately delays are lengthy.

“The Foundation helped with the hire of a bed, mattress, an amazing transfer device called an ‘Able Assist’, which we’ve nicknamed ‘the people mover’ – and a pelican belt to help me lift her."

Janet sits in a reclinar at home surrounded by her husband and three young daughtersJust recently, chairs at home had become unsafe and too slippery for Janet to use. Responding immediately to this risk, HammondCare arranged a recliner chair for Janet, allowing her to sit up safely and comfortable with the family.
Life, Jeremy says, is exceptionally busy as he stretches time between caring for Janet and the girls, and juggling efforts to keep a new business afloat. He’s grateful too for the help his mum offers as he tries his best to hold down the fort.

Jeremy is proud of his wife’s determination – a quality he sees in their three precious daughters.

“The girls are a great help around the home and have embraced their mum’s passion for making and eating healthy meals. 

"I haven’t allowed myself to think beyond caring for Janet for the last year and half, but thanks to the generosity of your donors, having all these amazing support systems in place has been such a relief. The kindness shown to Janet is wonderful and very much appreciated. I feel so blessed to have that support extend beyond Janet’s needs to envelop my whole family with love and care. It has made a huge difference in our lives and is keeping me strong for my girls.

“We are so thankful! Thank you all! You’re all the best!”

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