What is Arts on Prescription?

What if doctors didn’t always prescribe drugs for the ageing population? What if they prescribed art in all its rich and varied forms?

HammondCare’s Arts on Prescription is a unique arts program bringing together professional artists with people over 65, where developing new artistic skills is just the start. Connecting with the arts, whether it be painting, drawing, dance or singing, is showing amazing results for the elderly who are suffering dementia, are socially isolated or enduring ongoing illness. The program activities aim to reduce anxiety and depression, renew a sense of purpose, promote self-discovery and create community.

Donate to HammondCare’s Arts on Prescription program

HammondCare’s arts program has had an amazing impact on those we care for. We need your support to continue to expand and make Arts on Prescription available for the many more who need it. Every donation is invaluable.

To donate, click on the button below to be taken to the Donation page. Once there, select “Current Projects” from the drop-down menu at top left, followed by “Arts on Prescription” from the drop-down menu under “Area” at the top right.

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