HammondCare Research Report 2019

This year’s Research Report is for the 2019 calendar year – a year when no one had heard of COVID-19. Now more than ever, medical research is paramount to solving the coronavirus puzzle and saving lives.

Yet, if we look at the breadth of research that HammondCare researchers were involved in during 2019 we can see how important this research can be in a ‘post-coronavirus' world. Our key research areas speak to many of the areas that will impact the lives of people affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

These are the stories of the researchers, the projects, and most importantly those who we have had the privilege to improve quality of life through innovative approaches.

The 2019 Report presents 48 projects covering areas such as supporting those in end-of-life care, the role of virtual reality in pain management, promoting positive ageing, and rebuilding hope for the elderly experiencing homelessness.

The research HammondCare conducts enables us to champion life for people in need through evidence-based innovation in care practices that improve outcomes and change lives.

Thanks to the dedication of the researchers, staff, and supporters, HammondCare is able to continue our commitment to research-informed innovation in health and aged care.

HammondCare 2019 Research Report


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