A multi-disciplined approach to rehabilitation

Our industry-leading rehabilitation services are focused on recovery, to help people regain their independence as much as possible. The highly qualified, skilled and experienced team provides specialised care informed by the latest research and best practice.

We cater for a comprehensive range of conditions, including cancer and neurological diagnoses and their treatment, mobility and functional rehabilitation after falls and fractures, and reconditioning following surgical admission, orthopaedic treatment, complex medical conditions and more.

Clinical Psychology
Exercise physiology
Occupational therapy
Medical Rehabilitation
Diversional therapy
Recreational officers
Speech pathology
Social work
Pastoral care


What's the rehabilitation process?

While everyone’s situation is different, below is a typical journey for rehabilitation patients.

  1. Refer your patient to a Medical Rehabilitation Specialist for rehabilitation treatment using the rehabilitation referral form.
  2. Your patient will be reviewed, then admitted as an inpatient (if necessary).
  3. After assessment, the team will work with your patient to create a comprehensive, personalised care plan.
  4. Your patient will be discharged and may progress to outpatient visits.
  5. They’ll receive ongoing support, right through to the final stages of recovery.

Where to find us

Greenwich Rehabilitation Services

Greenwich Hospital
97-115 River Road
Greenwich NSW 2065

To refer a patient to Greenwich, please complete the form/s below:

For Inpatient rehabilitation services please complete this form

For Ambulatory rehabilitation services please complete this form

For hydrotherapy, please also complete this form

Braeside Rehabilitation Services 

Braeside Hospital
340 Prairievale Road
Prairiewood NSW 2176

To refer a patient to Braeside, call 1300 225 013


Contact us

To find out more about the Rehabilitation referrals, please contact us on 1300 426 666 or fill out the contact form below:

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