Rehabilitation Services

A specialist by your side, every step of the way

Our rehabilitation services focus on your recovery, to get you back on your feet to regain independence. By listening to understand your hopes and goals – as well as the clinical symptoms – we can ensure your recovery is as smooth and pain-free as possible.

Your dedicated rehab team will take over from your specialist to manage the next steps of your treatment. From assessment, right through to recovery, you’ll be cared for by a familiar team you’ve built a relationship with. Our skilled and experienced rehabilitation team will work with you to set meaningful and realistic goals for your rehabilitation.

We cater for a comprehensive range of conditions, including neurological, musculoskeletal and cancer diagnoses and their treatments, mobility and functional rehabilitation after falls and fractures, reconditioning following surgical admission, orthopaedic treatment, complex medical conditions and more.

Who is eligible for rehabilitation services?


We accept private patients only for inpatient services at Greenwich, and both public and private patients at Braeside. Your health insurer can advise what you can claim if you are a private patient.

Outpatients, day hospital and home-based rehabilitation

Both private and public patients are eligible for these services. We also welcome self-funded patients and those receiving funding from DVA, iCare or other forms of compensation.

What's the rehabilitation process?

While everyone’s situation is different, here’s a typical journey for rehabilitation patients.

Step 1. Get a referral for your recovery treatment

Talk to your GP, surgeon or specialist about the next steps of your treatment and ask for a referral to our Rehabilitation Medicine specialists for rehab services.

Step 2. Be admitted as an inpatient

If you need hospitalisation, we’ll welcome you to our inpatient unit where you’ll receive quality care from our professional team.

Step 3. Be assessed for the right treatment

After an assessment, the team will work with you to create a personalised care plan to address your needs. This also applies if you’re referred straight to outpatients.

Step 4. Progress to outpatient visits

Once you’re on your way to recovery, you’ll receive a detailed discharge plan from inpatient care, to ensure you’re supported in the next stages of recovery. Your rehabilitation may continue as you move from the ward environment to the next stage of recovery in the community.

Step 5. Join our community programs

HammondCare offers a range of community programs to support people with mobility and balance, nutrition, and good communication and social skills.   

Step 6. Receive ongoing support

In the final stages of recovery, our specialists will develop a plan to help you maintain your health, which may include ongoing monitoring.

Where to find us?

A team of resident multidisciplinary health professionals are available to assist you in your recovery, including physicians, nursing staff, physiotherapists, dietetics and clinical psychologists. Care doesn’t stop when you leave our hospitals, with a comprehensive discharge plan in place to help you live independently at home.

HammondCare Braeside Hospital - Rehabilitation Service

Braeside Hospital

Services provided at Braeside Hospital include an inpatient unit, outpatient clinics and a day hospital.

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HammondCare Greenwich Hospital - Rehabilitation Service

Greenwich Hospital

Greenwich Hospital offers a comprehensive, personalised and innovative rehabilitation service to help you with your recovery.

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How to access our services

To access rehabilitation services at either of our hospitals, you will need to obtain a referral from your GP or specialist.

If you are a health professional wanting to refer someone to our rehabilitation services, please follow the link below:

How to refer a patient

Contact Us

For any enquiries or if you would like to speak to one of our team of Rehabilitation specialists, please contact us on 1300 426 666 or fill out the contact form below: