Melanie Lovell

Senior Academic, The Palliative Centre

Melanie Lovell - Senior Academic, Palliative CareSenior Academic, The Palliative Centre


Professor Melanie Lovell is a Senior Staff Specialist Physician in Palliative Medicine in Northern Sydney and Senior Academic, The Palliative Centre. She is Clinical Associate Professor in Palliative Care at the University of Sydney’s Northern Clinical School and Adjunct Professor at the University of Technology Sydney.

Melanie’s research interests include cancer pain, spirituality and translational research. She was the founding chair of the Australian Cancer Pain Management Guideline on Cancer Council Australia’s wiki platform and leads the Cancer Pain Research Group at HammondCare.

Melanie is on the Trials Management Committee and Scientific Committee of the international trials group Palliative Care Clinical Studies Collaborative. She is widely published and contributes professionally on the executive of the Sydney Institute of Palliative Medicine and the Royal College of Physicians Spirituality Training Curriculum Working Group.