Martin Kennedy

Senior Staff Specialist, Community

Martin Kennedy - Senior Staff Specialist, CommunitySenior Staff Specialist, Community

MBBS, FAFRM (RACP), FAChPM (RACP), FFPMANZCA, DGM (RCP, Lond). MA Health Research (U Lancaster, UK)

Dr Martin Kennedy is a Palliative, Pain and Rehabilitation Medicine Physician and a Staff Specialist in palliative medicine for Hammond Care, with conjoint appointments at Sydney, NSW and Macquarie Universities.

Martin has over 25 years' experience in specialist sub-acute medical care, and for over 15 years has worked right across Northern Sydney in public and private acute care hospitals, inpatient and outpatient palliative care, and rehabilitation units and the community.

Martin has an abiding passion for caring for and travelling with patients facing the most complex of life-limiting and disabling illnesses and their loved ones, through the various phases of their rehabilitation, palliative and end of life journeys.