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  • Author: HammondCare
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  • HammondCare
  • 09 July 2024
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How Liz supports clients as an In home nurse

  • Author: HammondCare
  • Read time: 1 min. read

Liz has been working as a Clinical Care Manager in the South West Sydney HammondCare at Home team for six years, since graduating as a Registered Nurse.

You might have seen Liz starring in the 'Team You' video, talking about in home nursing care alongside regular client Olga.  

How you can benefit from clinical care support

If you're in need of clinical care support, we have a range of professional services that are available to help meet your personal needs, including home visits by a Registered Nurse.

"My role is to assist clients manage medication, skin health, support if they have returned from hospital and much more. I also partner with other medical professionals – such as GPs, occupational therapists, palliative care, volunteers, and pastoral care teams – supporting every aspect of your well-being." 

"Advocating for each person is a key part to my role; I’m a person my client knows and trusts. That relationship helps me to understand their specific care needs. We truly believe in providing ‘whole person care’." 


Why receiving the right clinical support is important 

"All Home Care Package clients have direct access to Clinical Care Managers. It’s all part of the service we provide. The clinical team work closely with each client’s own care team (Including other health professionals) to ensure support is provided as it’s needed. If circumstances change, it’s reassuring they know the clinical team are monitoring their health needs through regular reviews."  

Our specialised in home nursing care options include dementia care, diabetes management, wound and catheter care, stoma care, medication management and palliative care.

"We’re always checking up to see if there are ways to improve how we support clients, providing access to resources or other service options as they become available." 

Supporting clients like Olga feels like supporting family! 

"There is a feeling of trust between our team, the client and their family. We get to know who they are, their background, their life experience. It helps us to build a picture of the whole person we are supporting, and how we can best provide that support."  

"By building these relationships we all work together as a team. This trust also leads to empowering clients with a sense of independence and that they are in control of their own care." 

"It’s a privilege to be invited into Olga’s home to provide support in her own personal space. A place where she feels safe and secure. I love being part of a team that delivers compassionate in home nursing care to clients at this deeply personal level."    

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