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Resilience in difficult times

People don’t generally like continual changes or uncertainty. We establish patterns and habits in order to create some certainty about what is to happen in our lives. This is exacerbated when we feel a sense of threat to ourselves or the people we care about.

Essentially this is all focused on the question ’Will I be okay?’. Not knowing the answer is what upsets our equilibrium. The rapidly changing events around us at the present can create anxiety. However, there are a few simple things we can do to build our resilience and the resilience of the people we serve.

Anxiety in difficult times is a perfectly normal response but resilience offers practical steps to reduce this unease, and in its place, promote a sense of wellbeing. Living with ambiguity and stress can have an emotional labour on us so anything we can do to reduce this is worthwhile.

The good news is we all have resources we can use in difficult times.

Download our resilience helpsheet to understand the building blocks of;

  • Meaning making
  • A sense of mastery and control
  • Connectedness to self and others.