Our key sustainability focus areas

HammondCare is committed to taking a strategic, evidence-based approach, fostering environmental sustainability in all areas of our business.

Our key sustainability focus areas are:

HammondCare chart on the 9 key sustainability focus areas

Energy and carbon emissions 

  • Objective - Reduce our contribution to climate change and dependence on fossil fuels through good energy management. 
  • Target - Reduce energy consumption per m2 by 20%. Increase renewable energy to 20% of total energy used.

Water efficiency 

  • Objective - Manage the consumption of potable water as efficiently and responsibly as possible.
  • Target - Reduce water consumption per m2 by 10%.

Waste reduction 

  • Objective - Put in place best practice waste management systems and reduce the waste sent to landfill.
  • Target - Increase the diversion of waste from landfill by 20%.

Work-related travel 

  • Objective - Travel in the most environmentally responsible and efficient way.
  • Target - Develop and implement a sustainable work related travel policy.

Biodiversity and the natural environment

  • Objective - Protect and enhance the ecological value and our local biodiversity across all our facilities.
  • Target - Contribute to enhanced ecological value across all existing facilities and new developments.

Sustainable building design 

  • Objective - Design all new developments to have minimal impact on the environment and align with social, economic and ecological principles.
  • Target - Develop and implement customised sustainable design guidelines, drawing on HammondCare's experience and best practice (e.g. green Star, WELL, Living Building Challenge).

Reporting and measurement 

  • Objective - To be transparent in our operations and monitor, measure and report on our environmental impact each year, in line with best practice reporting standards.
  • Target - Publish an annual environmental report and track progress against our targets year on year.

Empowered staff 

  • Objective - To develop a culture of sustainability and empower and support our people to contribute to HammondCare's sustainability aspirations in their roles and every day activities.
  • Target - Deliver training on each key focus areas to all business units by 2023. Allocate clear responsibilities and ownership of sustainability throughout HammondCare roles.

Sustainability innovation

  • Objective - To recognise the value in innovation and invest in innovative ideas that aid the achievement of our Sustainability Strategy targets.
  • Target - Invest in three innovative programs or projects.