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HammondCare Erina is a residential care home specialising in dementia care, made up of small domestic cottages built for independence and familiarity.

A unique model of care

We believe that the best place for people with dementia to be is home. When this is no longer possible, then our commitment is to provide an environment that looks, feels and operates like a home.

Research shows people living with dementia are most comfortable in small, domestic environments. Our cottages are designed to feel as little like an institution as possible, and give residents an opportunity to engage with the rhythms and routines of normal home life.

Residents are encouraged to live and operate in the cottage as they would in a home; the resident is free to spend time in any of the common areas, and the buildings are designed so each choice is a ‘right’ one. This means there are no dead-ends and any locked doors are unobtrusive. There are many visual ‘cues’ about where one is, and where one is heading. To minimise confusion, the central kitchen and living areas are always visible from corridors or other spaces.

HammondCare Erina has been designed using internationally recognised principles to promote choice, minimise confusion and maximise independence for people living with dementia.

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Quality food served in home-cooked meals

HammondCare is committed to an excellent food culture, with all food served fresh and prepared by residents and staff in our kitchens. Food preparation and planning is overseen by our Executive Chef and nutritionists, who ensure all the residents’ nutritional needs and tastes are catered to, and that varied, fresh and delicious food is available every day.

HammondCare Erina Cottages

HammondCare Erina has a variety of common spaces, allowing residents to choose where and with whom they spend their time.

The various common areas of the cottages include the following spaces:

  • A fully functioning domestic kitchen
  • An open plan lounge and dining area
  • Sunrooms containing lounge chairs and small tables, providing a common space that also allows a degree of privacy
  • A parlour with a fold-out bed available for use by family members
  • A backyard containing barbecues, small pergolas, benches and tables, raised garden beds and washing lines. All back yards are secure, and looping garden paths link the outdoors with the indoors, minimising confusion for residents
  • A main bathroom with bath (in addition to private ensuite bathrooms)

The bedrooms and bathrooms in the HammondCare Erina cottages have been designed to minimise confusion and maximise independence and comfort for residents. All the bedrooms have a large, private ensuite bathroom.

Memory boxes filled with personal effects and photos are located at the entrance to residents’ bedrooms to help them identify their private space. Within the room, residents have a direct line of site from their bed to the toilet, promoting independence. There are also direct lines of sight from the bedroom to sunrooms, living rooms and kitchen. This is to help assist decision making and prompt way-finding.

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HammondCare Residential Care & COVID-19

HammondCare puts residents' health and well-being first. As we learn to live with the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to follow the directives and guidelines of the Australian and the State Governments.

In addition to ongoing infection prevention and control measures, several additional steps have been taken to mitigate the risks and impact of COVID-19. HammondCare’s Pandemic Plan includes state-specific Visitor Guidelines, which are updated regularly, targeted staff training; procurement of necessary resources; additional cleaning practices; liaison with government and peak bodies; and regular communication updates to all relevant stakeholders.

Also, to allow visits to continue during the height of the pandemic and when outbreaks occur, HammondCare created the Partnering in Care Program. The special infection control program for residential care home visitors makes it possible for people to keep seeing their loved one, as we understand how much visits mean.

The program is designed to help visitors continue their care home visits to manage risk in an intelligent and measured way in each home. Available to all HammondCare resident’s loved ones, the program helps inform and educate people on topics that can help minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Read more about HammondCare's response to COVID-19 here.

Want to apply?

To apply to live in one of HammondCare’s residential care home, download the following links, or call us on 1800 776 112 to find out more.

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