Giving in memory of your loved one

All donations received in memory of a loved one flow directly back to the HammondCare facility where they were cared for. To donate, please click here.

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Donation Campaigns

HammondCare Darlinghurst

With your support we can open a safe and permanent home for the elderly who are homeless and have complex healthcare needs, and provide vulnerable people living in Sydney the opportunity to regain their dignity.

Dreams Project

Helping facilitate a dream is an incredible gift for an individual during difficult times in their life - The Dreams Project establishes ways of assisting patients and their families to fulfil final wishes as they face a life limiting illness.

Arts on Prescription

A unique arts program bringing together professional artists with people over 65, using the arts to reduce anxiety and depression, renew a sense of purpose, promote self-discovery and create community.

About the HammondCare Foundation

HammondCare is driven by our mission to improve quality of life for people in need. Rev. Bob Hammond’s practical, innovative and bold initiative in founding Hammondville during the Great Depression, continues to be a guiding light for HammondCare. Today, HammondCare provides daily support for people in need, facing the hardest times life has to offer, regardless of religion, position or circumstance.

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