Faye's Story

A dedication to consistent, relationship-focused care

The most important part of home care can be the hardest to find. 

Faye's sparkling sense of humour is one of the first things people notice when they meet her.

As a mother of four who spent most of her working life in retail, Faye was known as an ever-cheerful face. Always ready to chat with the customers at the chicken shop she ran with her husband Harry, Faye was a ray of light every day.

Sadly, five years ago, Faye was struck an unexpected blow while in hospital undergoing a bladder operation. She suffered a massive stroke and, as a result, gradually lost mobility in her legs. Returning home, she had difficulty walking and leaving the house.

HammondCare At Home client Faye and husband Harry look at each other lovingly

Harry desperately needed help looking after Faye, as he was still running the family business. But they just couldn’t seem to find any providers they felt comfortable with being in their home. They needed help but it had to feel right. Eventually, Harry and Faye got in touch with HammondCare At Home.

That was three months ago. Today, Harry compares finding HammondCare At Home to winning the lottery. “It’s the personal way they look after you that makes them different,” he says.

Faye has a small group of HammondCare carers who she has come to form strong relationships with. This is part of HammondCare’s approach: relationship-based care from carers that clients get to know – not strangers in their home. Harry and Faye say that it’s this approach they value above everything else.

When Brooke pays Faye a visit, she not only helps Faye with practical tasks such as washing and personal care, but also takes the time to lift her spirits. Whether it’s styling her hair, helping Faye apply her favourite perfume, or giving her a kiss on the cheek, Brooke adds a personal touch she knows means a lot to Faye.

HammondCare At Home client Faye with carer Brooke

“It’s a privilege to help with Faye’s care,” says Brooke. “I don’t want to just do my job and that’s it. I want to make sure Faye feels comfortable. I like to chat with Faye so I gain a bit more of her trust and she feels more at ease with me.”

This has had a profound impact on Faye’s everyday life. The pair talk about their families, laugh together, chat about different topics and share their lives with each other. “We joke around together and I love her sense of humour,” says Brooke.

Harry greatly appreciates how HammondCare carers really take the time to interact personally with his wife. This is especially important because he and Faye find it difficult to go on the outings they used to enjoy before her stroke.

“When HammondCare is here, I can relax, sit down and have a cup of tea or coffee,” he says. “They come and talk with Faye, and she just loves that because she doesn’t see many people during the day. Faye loves the way they handle everything, you know. They really care about her.”

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