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19 November 2020

HammondCare has welcomed 23 aged care residents who will be temporarily accommodated following severe roof damage to PAC Wescott, Stockton from a severe thunderstorm that swept through Newcastle on Monday night.

12 November 2020

HammondCare CEO Mike Baird said today he is in awe of the work done every day by Australian aged care workers as they provide care for the nation’s elderly.

Greenwich Hospital, HammondCare
12 November 2020

HammondCare will have greater opportunities to fulfil its mission to improve the quality of life for people in need following Independent Planning Commission approval for an integrated health campus, featuring a subacute hospital in Northern Sydney.

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9 November 2020

The HammondCare At Home community care worker behind a remarkable story featured in the final submission to the Aged Care Royal Commission, explained that walking 6km to care for a dying client “is just what we do”.

5 November 2020

At 81 years and legally blind, Glory Smith could have fixated on her own health worries as the second wave of COVID-19 swept through Victoria. Instead, Glory chose to dedicate herself to being a lifeline to other elderly people feeling isolated and frightened through the lockdown.

28 October 2020

People living at home with moderate to severe dementia will engage with professional artists who visit them with expenses met by their Home Care Package in a new HammondCare trial program.