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28 October 2020

People living at home with moderate to severe dementia will engage with professional artists who visit them with expenses met by their Home Care Package in a new HammondCare trial program.

20 October 2020

A HammondCare led research project into the ability of virtual reality to reduce pain for people with spinal cord injury has been published in the prestigious journal, Nature.

15 October 2020

Supporting someone as they are dying is not front of mind for most people but is surprisingly common, as is the need for advice and resources, according to coordinator of the Last Days Program, HammondCare’s Genevieve Antill.

14 October 2020

HammondCare has developed an innovative new program called Partnering in Care to enable family members to safely visit their love ones in residential care even in the midst of COVID-19 restrictions.

12 October 2020

While most Australians are adjusting to the many challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Rita Muffett, 103, has lived all her life with recollections of the previous Spanish Flu pandemic that hit Australia hard about a century ago.

7 October 2020

HammondCare CEO Mike Baird has welcomed Federal Budget aged care measures as positive steps in a much longer journey towards better aged care for older Australians.