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3 August 2020

New research has recommended a trauma-informed approach to aged care for older people facing homelessness with more than half of older homeless people in urban areas reporting trauma experiences alongside a wide range of physical and mental health issues.

27 July 2020

There is nothing like the feeling of wind in the hair and the freedom that comes from a spin on a bike – no matter how senior you are.

16 July 2020

English language teacher Deise Palmieri concedes that before a visit from a fluffy ragdoll cat, her life seemed to be heading downhill rapidly.

15 July 2020

‘I keep telling myself I got through this because I’m tough, tough as an old boot. But I’d be dead without them.’

14 July 2020

Hammondville Public School has presented dozens of paintings, letters and greetings from students to the residents of nearby HammondCare Hammondville as a show of support during Covid-19 restrictions.

24 June 2020

HammondCare continues to prioritise the health and safety of aged care residents while ensuring social connection through visitation, through updated visitor guidelines in NSW and Victoria, reflecting recent changes in both Federal and State Government advice.