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15 March 2019

HammondCare has placed NSW’s most vulnerable people at the centre of the NSW election by issuing a ‘refundable’ $5 million challenge to the Premier and Opposition leader.

7 March 2019

A new first of its kind program from Dementia Support Australia (DSA), in partnership with HammondCare, is improving quality of life for people with dementia by enabling a better informed and equipped aged care sector.

1 March 2019

Australian television royalty recently touched down in HammondGrove to surprise the retirement living residents with some new feathered friends.

15 January 2019

Ageing is inevitable, we can’t stop it or slow it down but we can aim to do it well.

14 January 2019

Leading Australian dementia care service providers have today highlighted concerns about the use of strong medications in dementia care – including the role of prescribing doctors – while also pointing to the benefits of relationship-based care.

Living with dementia and enjoying a holiday
11 January 2019

Everyone enjoys a holiday, and according to the authors of award-winning book, My home, my life – people with dementia can too.