Aged and Dementia Care

HammondCare provides a comprehensive range of aged and dementia care services through HammondCare At Home, Residential Aged Care services and The Dementia Centre.

HammondCare is dedicated to: 

  • Helping older people and people living with dementia to remain at home
  • Providing homes for older people, and those living with dementia, who can no longer live independently
  • Developing special care programs for residents with severe and persistent behaviours associated with their dementia in a residential setting
  • Operating Australia’s first residential care cottage for people with young onset dementia
  • Providing support for carers

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Aged and Dementia Care Blog Posts:

When looking to engage older people and people with dementia, we often take a cruise ship approach, assuming they need constant entertainment.
But this approach fails to recognise our lives are full of a variety of activities, and leisure activities are just one of them. Other activities we need in life are rest activities, productive activities and self-care activities. And it’s no different when we get older.