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It's all about the food not the fork!

It's all about the food not the fork!

This amazing cookbook is full of appetising smaller meals that can be eaten with your hands—no cutlery required!

It's brought to you from aged care food ambassador Peter Morgan-Jones and other authors involved in the bestselling Don't give me eggs that bounce. (Signed copies available - see 'Choose' before adding to cart.)

No cutlery required!

Imagine… you’re not comfortable with cutlery, can’t face a large meal, have reduced appetite, trouble with chewing or swallowing, are always on the move or have other things on your mind—an easy to eat, handheld snack that is high in energy, nutrition and taste will restore dignity and enjoyment to your dining experience. While everyone who loves a snack will enjoy It’s all about the food not the fork, it is a gift of love especially prepared for older people and people with dementia, swallowing difficulties or other disability, as well as carers.

After the runaway success of Don’t give me eggs that bounce (HammondCare Media 2014) the authors are continuing their mission to bring amazing food to older people and people with eating difficulties, through another beautifully designed cookbook which combines 107 recipes from Peter Morgan-Jones and several expert chapters on nutrition, mealtimes and eating from his fellow authors.

Celebrity recipes

It includes a celebrity guest recipe from Australian food icon, Maggie Beer, who also writes the foreword, and another from one of America’s best-loved food writers, Paula Wolfert, who now lives with dementia and recently shot a documentary with Peter Morgan-Jones.

And while the meals are specially designed for people who can no longer use cutlery or who have swallowing difficulties, the snacks and light meals will delight anyone who enjoys the casual fun and convenience of 'food on the go' which is good for you as well!

Shape It moulding powder

Each purchase of It's all about the food no the fork! will include a free sample of Flavour Creation's new moulding powder, Shape It. Shape It is used in many of the modified meals recipes in the book and was especially developed by Flavour Creations in consultation with chef and author Peter Morgan-Jones. Shape It is now available for purchase from our shop or directly from Flavour Creations.

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Catalyst for change

In her foreword to It’s all about the food not the fork, Maggie Beer praises Peter Morgan-Jones for his “knowledge of food and technique and ability to think outside the square, aligned with a passion for flavour and a real empathy with people… I could never have foretold just what an amazing catalyst for change Peter would become.”

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Authors: Peter Morgan-Jones, Lisa Greedy, Prudence Ellis, Danielle McIntosh

ISBN: 9780987582898

RRP: $39.95

Format: Paperback, 232 pages, full colour

Product Dimensions: 246 x 191 x 18 mm

Shipping Weight: 740 grams

Publisher: HammondCare Media, Sydney

Published: June 2016