Seniors' Social Clubs - Northern Beaches

Supporting older people living in the community through activity, friendship, and expert care.

Seniors' Social Clubs - Northern Beaches

Supporting older people living in the community through activity, friendship, and expert care.

Social Clubs supporting the frail aged and those living with dementia

Our Northern Beaches Social Clubs provides an inclusive environment where older people, including people living with dementia can take a break from their home environment, connect with their community and spend a day socialising.

The Social Club also allows family members and friends to take a break and enjoy some time out from their caring roles.

Woman walking on the beach with Social Club
Women knitting with Social Club
Exercise and activity with Social Club
Preparing a meal with Social Club
Men playing bocce at HammondCare's Social Club
Painting at HammondCare's Social Club
Men gardening at HammondCare's Social Club
Women enjoying board games at HammondCare's Social Club

Our Northern Beaches Social Clubs

With 3 nearby locations you'll be able to join a seniors community close to you

Location Location
Beachcomber - Manly

1 Darley Road, Manly NSW 2101

150 Fisher Road, Cromer NSW 2099

Mona Vale Anglican Church, 1624 Pittwater Road, Mona Vale NSW 2103

1 Darley Road, Manly NSW 2101



150 Fisher Road, Cromer NSW 2099



Mona Vale Anglican Church, 1624 Pittwater Road, Mona Vale NSW 2103




It’s a wonderful community of people with similar interests. There’s not a single negative - it is all absolute pleasure. It has a LOT of positives - food, company, setting, activities and plenty more. All the staff cooperate well with each other and are helpful. They merge and blend with the guests in a magical and rare precious way. I’ve been a member of a lot of communities but never a part of one where every person is so lovely.

Joan K.

To start with I didn’t want to come. My daughters felt it would be nice for me to come. And it has been really nice. I thought I was doing alright at home but I found that I made some new friends. The people that work here can’t do enough for you. It’s been a blessing that I look forward to each time.

Val B.

It’s a place for fellowship and friendship. The lunches are always so delicately prepared. The outings in the sun are always most enjoyable. The staff are always there to assist you. It is all very much appreciated. Something that I look forward to every week.

Phil R.

Experience the vibrant offerings of a thriving seniors community

HammondCare Social Clubs encourage engagement and connection by providing a wide range of activities to guests:

Social events
Social events
Board games
Home-cooked meals
Sustainable Design
Bus outings
Bus outing
Centre-based Respite
Nature trips
Arts and crafts
Arts and crafts

Join our welcoming seniors community

What can you expect from our Social Club?

For those attending the club, there are plenty of activities to enjoy, in a safe and supportive environment. Our activities are tailored to suit each individual. These include, but are not limited to games, outdoor activities, reading, painting, reminiscing or just relaxing. Nutritious meals are served throughout the day.

How can I access the service?

The service is available to people living with dementia in the Mona Vale, Cromer, and Manly areas. Accessed through Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) or Home Care Package funding. If you are a primary carer enquiring around costs, eligibility and availability, you can directly contact the Social Club Manager. 


How do I start Respite Care?

Government-funded Respite Care is available for carers who support an older person and/or a person living with dementia. But the type of support given depends on the level of care needed.

To apply, you’ll complete an eligibility check and a free assessment. Then, if approved, you’ll be allocated respite through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme or in your Home Care Package.

For more information, call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or
visit the website.


Support for you and your carer

With an understanding of your needs – and those of your regular carer  – we’ll find the right approach, even when unforeseen circumstances arise. And as leaders in complex dementia care, our specialist team can provide extra support for people living with dementia.

Carers' Support

Caring for older people, including those living with dementia, is rewarding but can be challenging. If you’re a carer and need emotional support, please call our pastoral care team on 1800 826 166. Or for other support, call the Government's Carer Gateway between 8am and 5pm on 1800 422 737.

Support for you and your carer

A home away from home

Relax and get to know other people like yourself at one of our respite cottages, supported by a dedicated, compassionate team.

Find Respite Care near you

Our respite services provide an enjoyable break for you and your carer. Find a service near you.



What is a Social Club?

HammondCare's social clubs provide a social environment where older people, or people living with dementia can take a regular break from their home environment and spend a day socialising with other people from their local community. Our trained and experienced social club team allows carers to take time to look after themselves.

Clients benefit by engaging in enjoyable activities in a caring and friendly environment. Meeting new people and experiencing activities outside of the home can be refreshing and uplifting. Activities can include - but are not limited to - socialising with peers, meeting new people, going on bus outings, gardening, exercise sessions, board games, reading, crafts and helping in the kitchen.


Social Clubs provide weekly visits for clients, respite for clients and carers, information regarding other services and how to access them, as well as apastoral care service.

Clients arrive from 9:30am, and the day is tailored depending on the interests of the group. This can look like sharing morning tea and having a catch-up. Exercise sessions and social activities are on offer and meals are included. Home-cooked and nutritious meals are prepared fresh on the day and cooked on-site, with the help of our clients if they wish to participate.

We'd love to welcome you! Get in touch today

If you have any questions about our Social Club services, please call us on 1800 826 166 or send a message using the form.