When sharing a love of horses is all in a day’s work

Tanya talks to an elderly male client, they are outdoors in Australian bushland

Our Community Care Workers (CCWs) form an integral part of your Care Team. They’re the people you’ll have direct contact with when they visit your home, getting to know you while they provide you with personal day-to-day support, helping you maintain independence and quality of life.

Activities a CCW can help with may include assisting with personal care or medication; meal preparation; light housework duties; shopping and transport; social support and community engagement.

It was CCW Tanya’s relationship with her grandparents that led her to working for HammondCare, in September 2021. “I love hearing their stories; they have so much experience to share. My parents were very young when I was born. I went to live with Nanna and Grandpa as they could provide a more stable environment.”

“They lived on a property at the time, which is how my passion for horses started. I have two horses of my own now, and I take my children Chelsea (2) and Mason (4) to visit them. Though I don’t get as much time as I’d like to ride them!”

Tanya stands beside a client smiling, they are outdoors in Australian bushlandTanya makes clients feel comfortable, sharing stories of their past, developing her own unique relationship with each person. Reciprocally, she enjoys connecting with and getting to know them. Clients can relax, knowing she isn’t a stranger in the house, but part of the fabric of their day-to-day life.

“One client likes to share with me her collection of things you don’t see around anymore, such as old kerosene lamps. She’s always looking for something she thinks might interest me. On a recent visit it was a pair of scales for weighing things. She used to own horses too, and we talk about our adventures.”

“HammondCare have been really fantastic to work for, very supportive. No two days are the same in my job; the work is so varied. I love helping clients within their home, whether it’s showering or housework. We always take time to have a cuppa and a chat. It’s important for them to know I’m there for company too, and that I want to connect with them.”

“One client lives on a large property, 4.5 thousand acres. He talks about his past professional life here in Goulburn, and loves sharing what all the grandkids are up to. There’s always the latest development to catch up on! There are three generations living in different houses; I’ve been introduced to the son and grandson, they’re always happy to see me.”

“I’m very careful with monitoring my own health especially during this pandemic, and stay at home and get tested for COVID if I’m not feeling well. I want clients to know they can trust me to look after myself so I can continue to help support them at home, particularly during these challenging times.”

“It works both ways – HammondCare trust me to do the best for the people we care for, and support is only a phone call away. And we’re constantly kept up to date with training. I love going to work each day.”