Becoming a HammondCare Supplier

At HammondCare we want to make it simple to do business with us. We are committed to streamlining our account processes to improve efficiency and deliver on-time invoice payments.
All HammondCare suppliers are required to create an account with our chosen Spend Management platform Coupa.

If you are an existing supplier but have not completed a Coupa registration, please reach out to your HammondCare business contact or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Getting Started on the Coupa Supplier Portal 

1 Coupa Supplier Portal Join

You'll receive an email from Coupa Support Portal requesting information.

Open the email, then Click on Join and Respond to access the Supplier Portal.

Note: This link is valid for 48 hours.





2 Coupa Supplier Portal Join details submit

Enter your details in the fields as shown to the right.

Once completed, Tick to accept the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, and then Submit.

* indicates mandatory fields









3 Coupa Supplier Portal profile pageYour Coupa home page will be displayed.







11 Coupa Supplier Portal profileTo finish setting up your profile:

  1. Select Profile
  2. Click Your Customer Profiles 
  3. Select HammondCare as your Profile


4 Coupa Supplier Portal profile setup pageEnter your details in the fields as shown.

Once complete, click Submit for Approval.

* Indicates mandatory fields





5 Coupa Supplier Portal profile setup submit






6 Coupa Supplier Portal profile setup submit confirmOnce submitted, a green confirmation message will temporarily be displayed at the top of the screen.





Supplier Portal Overview

7 Coupa Supplier Portal loginHow to Log In

Click here to access the Coupa Supplier Portal

Log in using your Email Address and Password that was created when you first registered.

If you forgot your password, click on Forgot Your Password? and Coupa will send an autogenerated email to you. If you did not receive the email, check your Spam/Junk Folder.

There is a popup Chat with Coupa Support box in the bottom right corner of the screen if you need help.


8 Coupa Supplier Portal homepageYour Coupa Homepage

The main tabs you will be using for HammondCare are Profile, Orders, Invoices and Admin, which can be found under Setup.








9 Coupa Supplier Portal homepage account settingsAccount settings can be accessed by going to the top right corner and hovering or clicking on your name.



10 Coupa Supplier Portal admin page

You can invite users and merge requests via the Admin page.







11 Coupa Supplier Portal profileProfile

To submit or update your company’s information to HammondCare, click the Profile tab, then click Your Customer Profiles and choose HammondCare in the dropdown.


12 Coupa Supplier Portal profile approvalOnce completed, you must click Submit for Approval at the end of the form to save the changes.




13 Coupa Supplier Portal purchase ordersOrders (Purchase Orders)

This is where HammondCare purchase orders (PO) are located.

You can select your customer to view different purchase orders.

You will be able to create an invoice from this page by clicking on the gold stack of coins or clicking into the PO number.

*If you do not see any purchase orders, please reach out to your HammondCare Contact.



14 Coupa Supplier Portal invoicesInvoices

From your Invoices Page you will be able to see the status of your submitted invoices. You can use the view function to sort by status or Create View to create your own view.

You will not be able to edit an invoice once it is submitted.