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The BPSD Textbook - Dementia & Aged Care Resource

The BPSD Textbook - Coming September 2022

The BPSD Textbook: Addressing behaviours and psychological symptoms of dementia

Edited by A/Prof Colm Cunningham, Dr Madeleine Healy and A/Prof Stephen Macfarlane


The BPSD Textbook: Addressing behaviours and psychological symptoms of dementia is essential reading for all health professionals who are passionate about improving understanding and support for people experiencing behaviours and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD).

Edited by three leaders in their fields, Director of the Dementia Centre Associate Professor Colm Cunningham, psychogeriatrician Associate Professor Stephen Macfarlane and geriatrician and aged care specialist Dr Madeleine Healy, The BPSD Textbook draws not only from an impressive range of expert authors, but on the extensive practice experience of leading dementia care organisation, HammondCare.

With a unique combination of content covering theory, practice, assessment and management, The BPSD Textbook features both research-based guidance and practice-based evidence while also being deeply compassionate and remarkably accessible for a range of readers.

Relevant cases studies provide personalised examples of real-life issues experienced by people living with dementia and approaches used by carers. These case studies are further supported by text elements such as summaries and exercises to help readers to not only understand but implement what they are learning.

From laying a foundation of the types of dementia, The BPSD Textbook addresses holistic assessment, understanding causes of changes in behaviour, issues of care, medical effects, the role of medication, and the importance of individually tailored psychosocial interventions.

Meeting the need for a high-quality, comprehensive educational text addressing BPSD, this book is ideal for the aged care workforce, allied health professionals and registered nurses seeking to develop their knowledge and inform their practice.

The BPSD Textbook is invaluable as a comprehensive standalone text but also forms the core material for The BPSD Series, a dementia care educational program supporting the professional development aged care, nursing and allied health professionals in the field. Both offerings will be available in 2022 and we invite you to register your interest now!

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Register your interest in The BPSD Series on the Dementia Centre website and be the first to be notified when it is available in 2022!


Why the BPSD program?

Becoming reliant on care from others is a huge adjustment for anyone.  It is even more so for someone living with dementia.  When consideration is given for the psychosocial influences of an associated behaviour the result may not only be in identifying a cause but also identifying interventions that alleviate distress and provide more tailored support.  An holistic, individual and flexible care approach has thus been recognised to make a difference in enhancing the quality of life for a person with dementia.   The BPSD Series provides participants with the opportunity to understand the importance of a pyschosocial approach to dementia care and to develop and hone their skills in the following subjects;

  • Talking about dementia: language around BPSD
  • Advocacy for an holistic approach
  • Palliative and end-of-life care
  • Formulating interventions
  • Causes of changed behaviour
  • Holistic assessment
  • Supporting staff: implementing interventions.

Customisable to your needs and professional development

Participants will be able to choose between interactive face-to-face workshops or lecture-style webinars.  Each module can be undertaken as an individual unit or combined with others to form a tailored learning experience.


Commencement in mid-2021. Visit www.dementiacentre.com/events to register and receive updates and alerts when the Series is available in 2022.