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Shape It instant

Shape It instant

A key breakthrough of It's all about the food not the fork! is the provision of recipes for pureed finger foods.

These are snack meals suitable for a person with swallowing difficulties on a texture modified diet which can be eaten with hands for people who also struggle with cutlery.

Author Peter Morgan-Jones said: "Having an amazing product like Shape It available in aged care, hospitals and paediatrics in Australia is a huge step forward for changing the visual appeal of foods for people with eating difficulties; giving back their dignity and raising their self-esteem at mealtimes. Simply wonderful!"

Flavour Creations says that with Shape It, moulding all types of food and liquids in shapes that resemble their original form will increase enjoyment and nutritional intake. Suitable for all texture modified diets, Shape It will not alter the colour or the flavour of the food or liquid it is mixed with.

Australian-made first

Shape It is the first ever moulding powder made by an Australian-owned company and was specially developed in consultation with HammondCare chef and author Peter Morgan-Jones. It features in many of the modified meal recipes in his new cookbook It's all about the food not the fork!. Each book comes with a free sample of Shape it which allows readers to try one of the modified recipes.

As in all food for people with swallowing difficulties, please consult your doctor and speech pathologist - advice here is general and descriptive only.


Pureed fruit finger food was a huge hit at Tasting Australia, Adelaide, May 2016.

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