Faith for life book bundle Faith for life includes two books, each piloted by and developed with the support of people with dem.. Product #: FFLB-933-999-1650-B021 Regular price: $81.82 $81.82
Faith for life book bundle

Faith for life book bundle

Faith for life includes two books, each piloted by and developed with the support of people with dementia, families and carers, and pastoral care workers. Purchase these together to receive a bundle discount.

Time with Jesus (24 pages, A4) is part of the Faith for life Devotional series and provides colourful, interactive devotional moments celebrating the life and teaching of Jesus. It is printed on a special polymer stock that feels like paper but is tear and mark resistant.

Jesus loves me (24 pages, A5) is part of the Faith for life Discovery series and presents the love of Jesus simply and clearly for older people, especially those who find their memory is not as good as it once was. It is also printed on polymer. 

He's got the whole world in His hands (44 pages, A4) is our newest and longest resource and is part of the Faith for life Devotional series, presenting Biblical devotions linked to current events for those who enjoy staying up to date with the news. As with the two other books, it is printed on tear and stain resistant polymer stock.

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Why Faith for life?

Faith endures through every season of life, including for people living with dementia. Faith for life acknowledges the profound dignity of the person with dementia, their desire to express and explore faith while also recognising changing needs. Using simple, uncluttered design and familiar and much-loved references, the Faith for life suite of resources enables engagement with the Bible and Christian practice, supporting ongoing spiritual growth.



'This resource enables people with dementia and those offering support, to hold on to God even when the memory of God can seem elusive and difficult.' - Professor John Swinton, award winning author of Dementia: Living in the memories of God.

About the authors

Time with Jesus

Linda Barclay works in HammondCare’s Policy and Planning Office. From a theological and creative writing background, Linda has spent the past 15 years working for communications organisations in Australia and the UK. Her love of storytelling has led her to explore how we capture and articulate who we are as individuals, communities and organisations. Linda believes finding new ways to open up the stories that are important to people is a fascinating aspect of holistic care.

Rebecca Forbes is a projects coordinator in HammondCare’s Policy and Planning Office. During her seven years in the aged and dementia care field she has been involved in significant policy, research and service development, as well as planning and coordinating specialist carer training programs. Rebecca says working alongside carers and finding creative ways to support them is one of the best parts of her job.

Jesus loves me

Ben Boland is an aged care chaplain who passionately promotes and resources the gospel for older people. He regularly writes and speaks about aged care ministry, including contributing to aged care spirituality publications. He is currently writing an MA project at Moore College about developing a theology of older people with specific reference to sexuality.

After earning undergraduate degrees in nursing and religion/ethics, Dana Gruben began her working life in neurosurgical nursing. Coming to Australia, she pursued further work and qualifications in neuro nursing, followed by additional studies in health administration, theology, ageing and pastoral care. Dana has worked in aged care chaplaincy, where she partnered with Ben Boland in developing a Christian Spiritual Reminiscence Program, and is currently involved in medical practice management