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Singing groups for people with dementia A guide to setting up and running singing groups for people with dementia in community and residenti.. Product #: SGPWD-933-999-B011-1650 Regular price: $29.95 $29.95
Singing groups for people with dementia

Singing groups for people with dementia

Diana Kerr's Singing Groups for people with Dementia is a practical guide to setting up singing and running groups in community and residential settings.

Music is important to us as a species, and it can be particularly important to people with dementia. Singing in a group can improve a person's mood, recall, self-esteem and overall quality of life.

Whether you're a trained musician or someone who has no training but can hold a tune (and that is almost everyone), this book will give you a guidance on every stage of setting up a singing group for people with dementia: choosing songs, structuring sessions, choosing and setting up a venue, training volunteers, finding funding, keeping participants sage and ensuring that everyone has a good time.

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Diana Kerr

Diana has a lifelong interest and involvement in music making and has been advocating the use of music with people with dementia for many years. She is now involved with the provision of singing groups for people with dementia.

She has 30 years' experience as a practitioner, researcher, educator and trainer in the field of dementia and learning disability and dementia.

Previously Diana was the Course Director for the MSc in Dementia Studies at the University of Stirling. She was then Research Fellow at the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships at the University of Edinburgh where her area of research and emphasis was predominantly in the field of dementia and learning disability and dementia. She was also an Associate Consultant to HammondCare Australia where she provided consultation in learning disability and dementia and on night-time care for people with dementia.

Diana is widely published on topics related to dementia, learning disability, and night-time care. Her work has been translated into a number of languages including Chinese, Polish, Dutch and Spanish. She lives in Edinburgh.

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