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Carer Resources

Colours of yesterday

Colours of yesterday

Colours of yesterday by Annette Innis is a new adult colouring book specifically designed for older people.

$19.99 (Ex Tax: $18.17)
Dementia Care Bundle

Dementia Care bundle 2020

This Dementia Care bundle provides tips and strategies for going out, approaches to communication, care and wellbeing using positive and meaningful methods.  

$49.99 (Ex Tax: $45.45)
Design Bundle

Design bundle 2020

The Dementia Design book bundle provides practical information to improve the built environment, either in new-builds or existing premises, for both internal and external living. 

$115.99 (Ex Tax: $105.45)
Promoting Resilience in Dementia Care

Promoting Resilience in Dementia Care

A Person-Centred Framework for Assessment and Support Planning that fits into the lives of people with dementia and care partners.

$37.99 (Ex Tax: $34.54)
Singing groups for people with dementia

Singing groups for people with dementia

A guide to setting up and running singing groups for people with dementia in community and residential settings.

$32.95 (Ex Tax: $29.95)
Talking Sense

Talking Sense Living with sensory changes and dementia

This practical book is for carers looking to support people living with sensory challenges. It contains individual chapters dedicated to each of the 5 senses, with useful tips for care partners and self- management

$12.99 (Ex Tax: $11.81)
Toilet Talk - 2nd edition

Toilet Talk - 2nd edition

"Toilet talk: Accessible design for people with dementia is a result of many years in the field of design for people with dementia, and an increasing awareness, often from people with dementia themselves, of the challenges they face in finding and using toilets in public places. Although this book is relevant for private houses and places specifically designed for people with dementia, its focus is on public buildings. It is crucially important that we make it possible for people with dementia to get out and about with everyone else."

$7.99 (Ex Tax: $7.26)