Food Culture in our Residential Care Homes

Our commitment to an excellent food culture

Our commitment to an excellent food culture.

A long history of passion for food

HammondCare has had a long commitment to a culture of fabulous food.

Our experience has told us that good food is essential to health, quality of life and human dignity. This has been expressed in the design of our buildings, approach to care, training of staff and thought leadership around food. 

Our approach to good food service

The main characteristics of HammondCare’s approach to food and meals for those in our care are:

  • Freshly cooked food
  • Small home-like kitchens
  • Increased choice for residents, clients and patients
  • Engagement in the meal preparation process

Our dementia care homes are designed as small cottages, each with their own kitchen, where staff prepare wholesome and tasty meals. The smells, sounds and sights of cooking tempt even the most reluctant diner.

Our biennial dementia conference regularly features key speakers on the importance of food and the best approaches to food in dementia care, backed by research within our services.

Peter Morgan-Jones - Executive Chef and Food Ambassador

Executive chef and food ambassador

After Chief Executive Dr Stephen Judd wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald that eggs served in aged care were sometimes like "kiln-fired organic pottery" he helped start a national conversation about the quality of aged care food.

To continue growing our own approach to food and to provide leadership more broadly, with the help of Maggie Beer HammondCare appointed Peter Morgan-Jones as its Executive Chef and Food Ambassador.

As well as bringing to HammondCare a restaurant-quality approach to ingredients, recipes and food service, Peter has become a powerful voice for change, culminating in the publication of Don’t Give Me Eggs That Bounce.

Peter works alongside dietitians, cooks, dementia consultants and speech pathologists who work together to help ensure food and dining at HammondCare is a memorable and nutritious experience.

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